Would Jesus Discriminate or Just Saying Something was Wrong?

I was reading the religion section of the Huffington Post and found this article.

The Would Jesus Discriminate campaign was started by Rev Dr Cindi Love as a family based movement to help stop discrimination against people, but especially people who identify as homosexual. The goal is to create a mass marketing campaign among Americans to see the denial of equal rights for the LGBT community as discrimination and as an act that Jesus would oppose.

According to Love:

What makes the WJD Campaign work?

1. Not being afraid to invoke the name and example of the Great Includer, Jesus(more than 90 percent of all Americans recognize His name and associate particular behaviors with His name)

2. Inviting people you know to consider and answer for themselves the simple question of Would Jesus Discriminate?

3. Systematically applying the market-proven methodology of consumer adoption in localized markets where neighbors observe neighbors and talk to them about making choices.

The part that I find the most interesting, is this:

You can invoke Jesus’s name without being Christian or even a person of faith just like you can invoke the name of John Kennedy without being Catholic. Ask yourself the question, Would Jesus Discriminate? and then ask your neighbor. Take time to listen and share what you believe is right for all people.

We have an ordained minister claiming that the name of Jesus can be used for non-Christians as a way to help accept the LGBT lifestyle as something that Jesus would approve of. Since people, on the whole that is, do not read the Bible, I think it would probably work. Didn’t Jesus come to die for all people? Didn’t He accept all people into His presence? Didn’t He tell people to stop sinning? I think they are intentionally leaving the last part of out the campaign.

It is not a matter of would Jesus be afraid of offending someone by saying what they are doing is wrong or not. This is a social campaign that is trying to get people to believe that God accepts homosexuality based on innuendo and ignorance. While, I do not think that discrimination against anyone is acceptable, I am also not going to say that socially acceptable behavior is right either. Jesus can easily be seen as a social activist, but do not misuse His name to try and swing acceptance for this movement.


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