Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I really think this slogan is getting ready to be reversed in it’s direction.

Instead of allowing gay men and women to serve openly in the military, Bill Clinton did what he thought was best and had some sort of compromise in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The military would no longer be looking for gay men and women to expel from their ranks, but if someone was found out the law had to be followed and they would be dishonorably discharged. Gay men and women have been serving under this stigma, but no longer. Now that the Senate has approved the repeal of this law, once the President signs off on it, the men and women in uniform an officially come out and function as openly gay members of the armed service. With the repeal there might be up to 41,000 men and women to join the service but were unwilling because they wanted to be open about their sexual orientation.

With the repeal and acceptance from the military that most sexual orientations are acceptable, it will not be long before saying that homosexually is wrong will be considered bigotry and possibly a hate crime. Sound far fetched? Not really. People have been arrested in the United Kingdom for speaking out against homosexuality since it can be considered homophobic language and can cause public disorder. Religious freedoms could and most likely will be persecuted against as not to offend others.

Soon, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will be the stance that religions will have to follow. Don’t Ask if I think homosexuality is wrong and Don’t Tell anyone that you think it is wrong. Will the religious continue the trend and focus more on not speaking out against sin as they do not want to offend people? Will this silence give the populous that God condones the action? Probably, but such is the wide path of politically correct and socially acceptable Christianity.


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