The Problem with Skins

The new TV show Skins on MTV is facing a bit of resistance in the way of advertisers and family oriented groups. I can understand why. The show is removing the barrier between parents and teens as to what is really happening in the life of teens.

Now I know not all teens have a life like what is being depicted in this show, but I suspect more do than what most people want to acknowledge. I have been out of high school for many years now and we did stuff similar to this show. These actions are the result of what kids do to fill the void and there are not parents around to setup and enforce boundaries.

People should be thanking MTV for this show so now they can understand their teens better and make a change to better protect and parent their kids. Sadly though, they would rather have the show taken off the air so they can go back to their blissful ignorance. This really needs to be a wake up call to parents to remind them of their responsibility to their children. I doubt it will though. I suspect that the kids will continue along with this type of behavior and parents will blissfully live in denial until something happens and they have to deal with it. But then they will keep it quiet as to keep up appearances.

The main problem with Skins is that removes the blinders from society and it is unwilling to see what is going on.



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4 responses to “The Problem with Skins

  1. I have yet to see the show but from what I hear of it it sounds great. Yes I believe parents are blind to the real world their kids live in. I think of what I was doing at 15 and it was pure madness. It was sex and drugs then more sex followed by more drugs resulting in destructive behavior. Even though I was a f**k up when I was younger I would never trade the experiences I was able to have. If they cancel the show I would be very disappointed. Freedom of speech

  2. I’ve been here a few times and it seems like your articles get more informative each time. Keep it up I appreciate reading them.

  3. I know this is truly boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a large thanks – you cleared up some things for me!

  4. I like the blog, but could not find how to subscribe to receive the updates by email.

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