How Taco Bell stole My Mojo

I am disappointed with the revelation that Taco Bell’s taco meat is not primarily made of up beef. Probably not for the reasons most people are, but disappointed none the less.

You see, once I saw this commercial, I had a new hope.

Notice how the beefy mixture gives the man extra confidence and women are attracted to him? Once I showed my wife the commercial, I told her that she had no choice but to experience an increased attraction towards me when I was consuming one of those burritos. Now that there is less beef in the beefy mixture, she will probably be able to resist the manly appeal of eating the burrito. I could try eating two to make up for it, but I haven’t fully embraced that idea yet. You would think the extra food might make one gassy and there by nullify any attraction benefit that comes from eating the burrito.

On a side note, I was amused this morning when Taco Bell has declared that they will defend their honor against any false claims about the beefy mixture in question. They claim to never participated in false advertising as the ingredient list has always been available on the website. It is just the fault of the consumers to assume that the tasty beefy mixture would consist of at least 75% beef. That is why we are not to assume anything.

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