Zombie Survival

I was talking with a co-worker recently about getting a firearm for her house. She is looking for something to provide basic self protection in the off chance that something happens. Her youngest son is encouraging her, but for a different reason. He wants to be prepared for the upcoming zombie invasion.

Zombies and the possibility for a zombie attack have been the a humorous reason for people to stockpile weapons. While I love zombie movies, I am not worried about zombies or having to defend myself from a zombie attack. If zombies did attack though, I am ready to repel them, at least for a short while but I think we have a better chance of Chinese occupation of the U.S. than from zombies.

Talking about this at work got me to thinking. Have you noticed how you never see a zombie in cold areas? In the movies that is and we all know that the movies are authoritative in this area as zombies are not real.

In theory, the zombies are an animated corpse who is looking for a high protein meal to sustain them during the decaying process. As the zombie body would not generate heat internally, they would be more active in warmer areas. Similar to cold-blooded animals/reptiles. Colder weather would slow the zombie down and possibly prevent from much activity. They would enter into a hibernation state.

If zombies attack, the best defense would be to move to colder environments. This would decrease the chances of being killed by a zombie and enhance your chances at survival and keeping the human race alive. If you see a zombie in the cold, you will still need to kill it, but the decreased energy level would make that feat easier.

So those who are fearing zombies attacks not only need to stock pile weapons. They need to stockpile cold weather gear as well and dependable transportation to haul everything to a cold area.


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  1. Zombies have been around for a long time. They’re even in the bible. Check out Mt 27:52-53.


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