What Does it Take to Be a Christian?

I just saw an interesting question.

Can one be a Christian by only holding to the morals/values that Jesus taught or do they have to actually be saved?

I think more people are trying to embrace Christianity with the former stance rather than the latter.


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3 responses to “What Does it Take to Be a Christian?

  1. This begs for an answer to the age-old question, “What must I do to be saved?”

  2. Well, in answer to the main question, I was at first going to rather flippantly say it takes a printer and some certificate paper. Then I thought I’d be slightly less flippant and say it takes a prayer. Then I thought it might prove to be too contentious to say such things. A question must be asked in order to answer the main question, and that is how you define the term Christian. If you mean a religious label, then a certificate or, for those who are a bit more picky, a public prayer or acknowledgement (confession) is all you need. But if you’re asking God what it takes, then its a heart matter. Is “Christian” a religious label, or a description of one who follows Christ, or the result of a change brought about by Christ (ie born again)? Define the term, then you’ll have your answer. 😉

  3. I like what Josh and Lance are saying here – define ‘saved’? This is really at the ‘crux’ of the argument and is what gets debated concerning your topic.

    I know for me the teachings are the salvation, I have seen them work so I get their intent and reasoning and how they can lead to a life being ‘saved’ or even ‘salvific’. I follow the idea ‘ the student cannot be the teacher, but his goal must be to be like the teacher’. Even Jesus, in John’s gospel mind you, mentions ‘we will do greater things than him’ (which is kind of strange if he is actually God).

    However, I get the idea within being a student (disciple) of the teacher (Jesus)…we want to exemplify his teachings and works in our lives/times as well. I really follow that line of thinking and it makes tonnes of sense to me.

    As for being ‘saved’…well the way it is used is quite ‘other-worldly’ and untestable…at best its intution that tells us someone is ‘saved’. I prefer to believe, like some of Jesus teachings, a person is defined by their actions towards people…and by this we can know which path they walk down (unrighteous/righteous). No one is going to be perfect mind you, but you get a pretty good clue who a person is by what they support you doing.

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