BYU, Brandon Davies and Doing What is Right

Not sure how many people have heard about this, but BYU suspended one of its best basketball players for breaking the Honor Code. The offense? Having premarital sex.

That is a shocking stance in this day and age, but I applaud BYU for sticking to their beliefs despite the compromises by the world around them. I am not Mormon, but why aren’t Christians making this same stance? Why do we feel that premarital sex is ok?

As expected, people are speaking up at the harshness of BYU’s policies. Yes it is a religious school, but their chances of winning the basketball championship have been severely hurt by this decision. He was honest in admitting his transgression, so let’s give him a second chance and allow him to play. Let us set aside the rules and standards that were established because they cause us discomfort and disappointment. It doesn’t matter that Brandon Davies knew the rules and decided to break them. Let him play!

Hopefully the steadfastness of BYU will be an example to Christians to stand for what the Bible says and stop the compromises in order for us to join the world.

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