The J Crew Anti-Male Agenda?

I guess I am not really surprised without the outrage over the J Crew photo of a mother who painted her 5 year old sons toenails pink.

While I am not surprised, I really don’t agree with the outrage. Why do people think that painting toenails will change a person’s gender perception or sexual orientation? Women do not become lesbians because they did not have their toenails painted, so why would it be different for men?

I do not get the Christian right mentality on this. Children imitate what they see. They explore their environments as they grow and mature. Why don’t we ask how much time these children’s fathers spend in their life if we are overly worried about how they will turn out. Why not the outrage over absentee fathers by these conservative groups? What does more harm to a child, nail polish or the sense of abandonment from an absent parent? The nerve of these groups.

Boys have done this stuff for generations. Wearing their mothers shoes and clothes. Trying nail polish and makeup. This does not make one gay. What it does is scare those people who buy into the lie of what men are supposed to be like. You cant be a manly man if you do this stuff as a child. Instead you should be playing sports and spitting something out or some other load of crap. Society has created this false image of what a man should be and anything that does not fit that rigid mold is deemed to be flawed. How about we break the mold and understand that people are different.

One of my favorite things about my gay male friends is their ability and desire to hug others. It is a time where you can be intimate and show affection to a friend without having to worry about the perception of the act. Most straight men are so worried that they will seem weak or gay that they are truly emotionally challenged. That is the great shame of this false view of what a man is supposed to be like. Where has it gotten us besides an increased amount of both physically and emotionally absentee fathers?



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2 responses to “The J Crew Anti-Male Agenda?

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! At last a voice of reason in a sea of confusion and hate.

    What a breath of fresh air!

  2. Thank you and thank you for visiting

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