The Hate Trail of Former Rutgers Student


I think most people have seen the recent media attention over charging Dharun Ravi with hate crimes over the suicide death of Tyler Clementi. Clementi committed suicide last year after Ravi used a webcam to capture two romantic encounters that Clementi had with another man. Ravi has been charged with several crimes, but recently bias intimidation was added to the list of charges because it is perceived that Ravi targeted Clementi because he was gay.

I fully agree that Ravi should be charged with whatever crimes are applicable, but I hope that they are able to prove that Ravi was doing what he was doing out of hate towards homosexuals and not just because Clementi was gay. I am afraid that this is being pursued for more political reasons and not just the actions of Ravi.

Without the bias intimidation charges, Ravi was not looking at any real jail time for the crimes he has committed. The invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence would not truly punish Ravi for the loss of life that occurred after his actions. So, is Ravi being punished for the wrong he committed against someone or because the target was gay?

You can Google hidden cam and find several adult sights where people have hidden cameras in peoples houses and/or rooms in an attempt to capture the subject in compromising situations. People make money off others peoples lives without anyone chasing them down to prosecute. Would the same outrage be seen if one of these women committed suicide after compromising images of them had been shared with others?

Let’s make sure that all crimes like this are punished equally and not show added outrage for one group and not another. If Ravi has clearly shown disregard or hateful tendencies toward homosexuals, then yes, prosecute him for hate crimes. If this was just a case of a person being stupid and disregarding the privacy of another then only prosecute him for what he has done. The loss of life is tragic, but we can not make a group of people a protected class and say any negative action towards them is hate.


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