Possible? Retaliation for bin Laden

With the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed, terror alerts around the world were raised out of concern for possible retaliation attacks. Some of the more ardent followers of Islam were bound to be offended and would want to seek justice in their eyes. This makes sense and should not have been a shock to anyone.

Osama’s administration has gone to great lengths to try and not offend the Islamic community. I do not blame them for this approach. Why cause a division among all people over the actions of a few. In an effort of doing what they considered was right, the military tried their best to follow Islamic burial practices and treat Osama’s body with respect. Osama was buried at sea as there was no desire to make his grave a shrine to ardent Islamic followers.

Now, we find out that their might be a retaliation because we did not handle his body in true Islamic fashion. Burial at sea is not an approved burial manner and now ardent Islamic followers might wage terror attacks for this.

What I am surprised at is that the media keeps wanting to alert the people that there might be terror attacks. This should be a given and it is odd to think that rational people would not be expecting this. Terror attacks were waged before 9/11. They were waged after 9/11. Attempts are averted almost daily in the U.S. as around the world. The possibility of a terror attack should not be news. It should be assumed.



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2 responses to “Possible? Retaliation for bin Laden

  1. The only issue I have with this notion is that people will think about it for a few days, perhaps a few weeks for the more affected, but the real zealots who want to kill us will take time to plan and will strike when we’ve all but forgotten about them. The retaliation isn’t going to happen this week and perhaps not this year.

  2. “but the real zealots who want to kill us will take time to plan and will strike when we’ve all but forgotten about them” (Lance)

    I always wonder who are the real zealots concerning ‘war’…in a game of ‘us and them’ both sides look alike from some angles.

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