Fired for an Opinion

Is it right to be fired for voicing your opinion against gay marriage?

Obviously so as Damian Goddard was fired last week for showing his support against gay marriage.

Goddard tweeted in support of Burlington hockey agent Todd Reynolds over his stance that Sean Avery’s view on same sex marriage was “very sad” and “wrong”. Goddard tweeted:

I completely and wholeheartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage

I can see how those who are seeking same sex marriage would oppose his stance, but is it right for someone to be fired for their opinion?

While I agree with Goddard, I understand why the business did it. The business world has to do what ever it needs to do to protect its image in order to continue to make money. If the companies image is tarnished, it can have serious ramifications, including the closing of the business. Business will align itself the best way it sees fit in order to stay profitable. I understand why Rogers Sportnet sought to terminate the contract with Goddard, even though I think they were wrong in doing so.

I would fully support his termination if he made a comment in which he referred to someone who is gay in a derogatory manner as I would if he would have made a racist or sexist comment. This was not a derogatory comment though. This was a man expressing his religious view on the issue of marriage. I understand that those who support this stance could be offended by his opinion, but should they bully the company in to firing an employee? Would the reaction be the same if someone spoke against the catholic faith? If the comment was made that someone supports the TRUE meaning of religion, would they be fired? This is my problem with the double standard in the ability to share your opinion.


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5 responses to “Fired for an Opinion

  1. How often I’m surprised at how people are in denial regarding suffering for doing good. Why are people perplexed at confrontations between the order of the world’s priorities and the Absolute of suffering Christ Jesus promised?

    The only answer I can concoct in this subject is that those who don’t understand the difference are, themselves, still caught up in the order of priorities this world promotes.

    By His Grace.

  2. While I believe the company has the right, I also believe they are absolutely wrong.

  3. I am pretty much of a different opinion than Mr. Goddard however I don’t like the idea he was fired for his opinions on this subject…what right does Business have to determine someone’s freedom of speech and rights?

  4. The “rights” of the world will mutate according the ambitions of the lord of Lies. This is the “right” he claims for now. Under God’s Kingdom, such rights have no fuel. This is why I’m surprised when “Christians” voice a repulse at injustice in this world. Haven’t we learned that the ways of the world and the lies we see and hear are bound to come? Speaking of bound: The world is bound to obey the father of lies. Confusion regarding truth is the only standard this world will experience before they stand before the Father of Jesus, alone and responsible for all their actions. The only “right” the lost have is to die.

    By His Grace.

  5. Xander

    I agree that Christians shouldn’t be surprised about what is going on, but shouldn’t we still speak out against what is wrong?

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