Rapture Rescheduled for Misled Christians

Harold Camping has come out and revised his earlier projections as to what was supposed to happen on May 21st and what will happen in the future. Now, May 21st was not the day of rapture but rather the day of judgment. Not the real day of judgment but rather an invisible day of judgment. One in which the people who were going to go to heaven were decided and now there is no chance of getting in. Luckily, the majority of the people who believed Camping’s wrong interpretation of May 21st are scheduled to be saved. Now, October 21st will be the public day of judgment instead of being consumed by a fireball as was earlier predicted by Camping. So the fire ball will not come until 2012, unless the math is off again or the spiritual nature is misunderstood again or people just understand that what Camping is saying is not supported biblically.

Besides the negative image of Christianity due to these predictions, real peoples lives are actually affected from the fear of what he said would happen. A woman tried to kill herself and her two children out of fear of the apocalypse since she missed the rapture. This would not have happened if she had read her Bible and not relied on Camping for information. I saw a statement from one of Camping’s followers who maxed out his credit cards in order to travel the U.S. and see all of the sights before the rapture. He was then upset that the rapture did not occur and would be obligated to pay his bills. Is this really how some Christians think it works? Biblically, we are not supposed to be in debt, but the majority of Christians seem to skip over that part and live it up. Why the disconnect? If the Bible gives us the authority to tell others how they should live their life and what they should and should not due, why then does it not pertain to Christians as well?

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  1. So… people actually bought into that crap? I am not surprised though. everyone likes quick fixes and a way to avoid the ‘chore’ of studying scripture for oneself is very attractive.

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