A Story on Why Sin is in the World

I heard this story awhile back and while it is not biblically supported, I really enjoy the view of it.

In the beginning God created the angels and they served and worshipped him. Lucifer being the highest ranking angel lead the praise for God and it was wonderful. Lucifer lost his focus and began thinking that the praise was so wonderful, not because of the love towards God, but rather his own abilities. He told the others that God was in authority, not because he was greater than them, but because they allowed it to be. His lies spread among the angels and a third of them rebelled and fell away.

Then God created man. He created him perfect and in his image. He walked with him and talked with him, and showed man more affection than he showed the angels. Lucifer saw this and was jealous of the man. He devised a plan to lead man into destruction and once and for all prove his equality with God. Lucifer disguised himself as a serpent and went to woman. He whispered in her ear about the forbidden fruit and questioned the authority of God. He told her that God kept her under his authority by denying her the ability to be equal with him which was available through the fruit. She tasted the fruit and was not dead and she believed the serpent. She offered the fruit to the man who did not understand why God had lied as the woman was not dead. Wanting to please her over God, he too ate of the fruit. At that moment man lost his authority over the world and the true nature of what had been done had been seen. The man and woman hid from God and the serpent went off to rejoice in his victory.

Lucifer approached God and mocked him. How can God be superior when both of his creations have rebelled against him. Where is the perfection when what is supposed to be perfect can not create something perfect. God looked at Lucifer and smiled as he told him that Lucifer’s own pride was the catalyst for man becoming more than just a creation. With a creation, the creator is always above the creation. What God wanted was a family, but the nature of his spirit could not be created in anything else. While his creations were made perfectly, they could not truly be perfect unless they were a part of perfection. Man lost his spirit through his disobedience, but through perfect obedience he could receive the perfect spirit of God. He would cease being merely a man and become a child of God.

It is through obedience to God that Jesus exercised his authority over Satan. Because of Jesus, man can be with the perfection of God as a child and not just as a creation.


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  1. What an interesting story of how it may have been in the beginning. Thanks so much for sharing this. It will stay with me a long, long time.

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