The Hypocrisy of the Religious

I got this today from my sister.

I have to agree with her. Not in her support of same sex marriage, but that the defense of “destruction of the institution of marriage” is really getting old as a reason to object to same sex marriage. Heterosexuals have demeaned the institution more than homosexuals ever could. Heterosexuals are notorious hypocrites when they say God says marriage is between man and woman when they refuse to say divorce is evil and adultery is an abomination.

If you want to stand on the side of God against same sex marriage, you better be prepared to stand with God on marriage. Stop cherry picking what topics you want to declare as wrong!


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6 responses to “The Hypocrisy of the Religious

  1. I don’t understand something here.

    Okay, so adultery and divorce are not cool in God’s eyes – I concur.

    But if I agree with those and still think same-sex marriage should be allowed I am ‘standing against God’s view on marriage’?

  2. According to the Bible, yes.

  3. Since when did the bible start to ‘talk’?

  4. xander

    Mine has always “talked” to me, but that is due to the Holy Spirit.

  5. Then thats not the ‘bible’ or the ‘scriptures’ – thats something completely different – God. Reason I bring it up, interpretation of the scripture is what your referring to here and not just the ‘bible’.

    As for the Holy Spirit, pretty sure God doesn’t dislike gays as much as we want to think. God has never moved me into that direction.

  6. I have never said God disliked gays, so I guess we are in agreement on that.

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