The Christian Search for what is Fair

With the news of acquittal on the murder charges for Casey Anthony, I am reminded of this thought. Life is not fair.

I am not sure why Ms Anthony was not convicted as the evidence seemed to prove that she committed the crime, but at this time the jury has not released their views on why they found her not guilty, I and others can only suppose what it might be. With the social tide voicing outrage over this, we get the feeling that justice has been denied and she will never pay for what she has done. Is this desire for justice a part of human nature or something more? She might never be punished for what we might feel she may have done and that feeling of fair and balanced is missing.

I have many female friends who are upset because they do not have a man. They have prayed and tried to be patient, yet they feel like there is an out of balance in their life. They have often said it is not fair that they can not be happy when others who have rejected God can be. I am not sure where this sense of entitlement has come from, but no where is it promised that life would be fair.

We are not promised that justice would occur in this world. We are not promised to have a mate. We are not promised that life would be easy or fair. I think we have a sense of justice engrained within us, but there is no promise of justice on earth. We are promised justice with God, but luckily we have grace and mercy through Jesus to spare us of the justice that is due to us. I feel that we should always cry out for justice and speak against wrong when it occurs, but we can not count on justice from this world or fairness to be present in our life. If it happens, count yourself lucky, but do not count on it to be there. Instead count on grace and mercy to get you through these times.

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