Homosexuality, Astrology and Christian Hypocrisy

I am listening to a pod cast of a radio show and found something amusing. The host was talking about homosexual activist and some of their stances, when an older woman called in to give her opinions. She talked about how homosexuals are confused and are refusing to listen to the authority of the Bible and then asked the host what is astrological sign was.

I chuckled.

This is an example of one reason why people have issues with Christians. Why do we feel the need to talk about the short comings of others as failing to listen to the Bible and then choose to participate in something that the Bible also condemns?

The host was taken back and I think he was wrong in not saying something, but the old lady just went on after making her statement. Christians have so much work addressing the plank(s) in our eye that is ahead of us.


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3 responses to “Homosexuality, Astrology and Christian Hypocrisy

  1. Accepting Christianity as your belief system definitely involves a serious denial of evidence. A person who believes in both is desperate to put order into her world, I think, more so than the average Christian who would probably deny astrology as some pagan belief system.

    Fundamentally, I think the reason for the criticisms you give is because Christianity puts this huge emphasis on converting others, rather than on first fixing yourself as other systems do. So it creates a population of people who 1) are imperfect but 2) still think they are superior to you.

    • I do agree with parts of your comment. Christianity at large does seem to take the moral high road while the actions do not seem to match their stance.

      Religion’s main grab is to reach out to people and say that if you are not happy, it can give you a compass on how to become happier. Christianity, as intended, is different in that it is says being happier isn’t the answer and that you can not really fix your own problems.

  2. Praise God – what is born in corruption is raised in incorruption.

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