I am a Christian

“I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew” – Gandhi

Even though the name or label should convey some meaning or identity, that is not always the case. For Gandhi to claim to be each of the religions or that he can identify with them, does not mean that he is any of them or even one of them. To see truth in all of the religions is good, but when you pick out the portions of the religions that you like, you are forming your own religion instead of taking on the identity of the sources.

If I claimed to be a woman but was born a man, I might identify with the woman and I could have surgeries to help me look like a woman, but my body would never naturally be that of a woman or work as a woman’s would without on going help. Some one who was born “white” can not become “black”. A person can act in a manner that they feel identifies with that race, but not all people of the race will act a certain way. Physical appearances can only be altered so far, but in the end the core of the person has never changed.

Like wise, many people can claim Christianity or take aspects of Christianity that they like and incorporate it in their life. This does not mean someone is saved or truly a Christian. Christianity is not just a way of life or an outlook on life on how you treat people. It is not just treating people as you would have them treat you nor loving your neighbor. Christianity means that you know there is one God and that Jesus is the only way to salvation. To be a Christian, you have to surrender your life to Jesus and take on his identity in your life. It is a complete transformation of the person. The old person ceases to be and a new one is created in its place.


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