The Christian Left and Censorship of Truth

It seems to me, after weighing the “left” and the “right,” that both sides are self guided and refuse the WHOLE truth given to us by our creator. Love your neighbor yes, but don’t condone sinful behaviour. 1) Jesus showed love for the prostitute and then He said “Go and sin no more.” The most important part of that statement is the PERIOD! 2) If God intended for men to be with men He’d have made provisions for men to get pregnant and for women to impregnate. He didn’t! Don’t you wonder WHY? The answer is found in His Word. Pressure by the masses compells acceptance of unacceptable behaviour. 3) Killing babies, due to carelessness or improprieties or just plain selfishness is unacceptable behaviour. No – don’t persecute the person – but don’t give pats on the back either. I could go on but this works for now. You’re either with God 100% or you’re not at all. Kinda – sorta don’t cut it, and re-writing (including or omiting) God’s word to fit particular needs doesn’t either.   I guess since we will never measure up, we should just ‘lower the standars’ – eh?

This comment was left on the Facebook page belonging to the Christian Left by a Carl Jackson.  It was removed because it was offensive to them and did not demonstrate the love of Jesus.

The fact that it was pulled is not shocking as they stated that anything that is controversial or goes against their stance would be removed as they do not want to deal with conflict or hostile takes over by the Christian Right.  That is their right, but they are also cherry picking the message of Jesus that they want to share.


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  1. So true… and it turns out, that making us aware of truth is a display of His love. Thanks

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