The Blah Christian Life

My mind keeps trying to process several thoughts lately and they basically all tie in together into one concept and that is the lack of a changed life among many Christians. When I say many, I actually mean most. I am included in on that list, so this is not a case of pointing out someone else’s offense.

One of the big problems we have is the desire to be individuals. We want to maintain the fact that we are who we are and Christ is here to make us better people. A better version of who we were. More righteous maybe, but still the same person. We hear the words that God is doing a good work in us as he conforms us to the image of Jesus, but if you look, there are very few similarities to Jesus at all. They may be the most praying and Bible reading people around, but you never see a full submission to God.

This is one of the biggest problems I have with Christianity. The concept of individuality should not be a part of the belief system. Not sure if I will be able to explain this quite the way I want to, but let me try.

I think it really goes back to salvation. We are each responsible to make the choice in accepting salvation. There is not the ability to just grow up in the church and inherit it or to be born in to it. Each person must make the personal and individual decision to be saved. To accept Christ as Lord and Savior. This is the basis of the Christian faith, but salvation does not adhere to that one person. Salvation is extended and given to the Church. The collection of believers as a whole. While a person might be saved, they are saved because they are a part of the group. For me then, that should extend that we as Christians are not individuals as much as a part of the body of Christ. Our attitudes should reflect that.

Often we see Christians not wanting to be a part of the body. They will go to church and hang out with church people, but you do not see the real transformation that should be occurring. They forsake the holiness of God for a shadow of it that can conform with their lives. Being a Christian gives them some peace of mind of where they will go when they die and they are better people, but they never truly submit to Christ. Jesus is not their Lord and Savior. He just acts more as their savior and a symbol of what they should strive to personify. That is not how it should be.

The holiness of God should transform us. Our lives should be distinctly and drastically different than those around us. I try to envision this and I know it is different for each person. I do not think there is one right version of the holy life, outside of a total dedication and commitment to God. Every area of their life should reflect this attitude. They do not partake in crude jokes or conversations. They love people for no apparent reason and go out of their way to be a blessing to them. Prayer and meditation on God becomes a focus. They do not have check lists to make sure they are being holy. They act this way because they can not conceive of another way of life. God is not a part of their life, He has become their life.


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