Offending with Love

The other day, I was praying and the thought “my Word will offend” came to me.

I leapt to my phone so I could find the corresponding Bible verse, as that is usually what happens, but I did not find that phrase in any of the translations that I read.  Yes, I am one of the people who use my iPhone as a bible.  I still enjoy flipping and read the printed one during prayer time, but the search features and the ability to jump books makes it very nice.

Anyways, I found several listings for offend.  Do not offend the children and do not eat meat that has been sacrificed if it will offend your Christian brethren.  There can be many posts that can be written on what not to do so you do not offend those who refuse to mature in Christ, but not today.

The feeling I got when I heard that was a confirmation what when one speaks the truth of the Word of God, people will be offended.  No one wants to hurt another’s feelings, but when you tell them they are doing something that is wrong, it is a natural response to be offended and rejected.  Watch the face of a child when you tell them they are doing something wrong we never really outgrow this.  Yet despite this natural reaction, Christians are not speaking out about what we know to be right and true for fear of offending someone.

The church has a history of the hurting people.  Not the church as in the chosen bride of Christ, but the local people who are trying to be holy and do what they consider is right without the understanding of God.  I should be able to tell you that a certain lifestyle is not spiritually healthy without condemning anyone to hell, but for some reason many people doesn’t understand that.

When you see the hurt from someone who has experienced this sort of abuse, it is natural to not want to add to the damage.  Loving them and trying to be nurturing does not mean that we refuse to speak the truth.  It is not love to be silent and allow people to walk the path of the wicked.

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