How Long Do They Keep Their Salvation?

Suppose there is a man who has been saved. The man is married, but the marriage is not one of those ideal marriages. The wife has become distant from the man and in response, the man has begun to drift away from his wife. Because of his loneliness, he struck up a friendship with a woman and things progressed to a point where the man is no longer just committing emotional adultery, but allows it to go to a physical level.

While situations like this happen too often, I begin to wonder when someone loses their salvation.

Maybe loses is the wrong word, because I don’t think you can really lose it. A person can allow themselves to be led away under false teachings (Mark 13:22) and those who choose not to abide in Christ will be tossed out (John 15:6). But does that mean the person who sins moves out of their salvation.

Can someone live in sin and retain salvation? Is that how it works? How much grace is there to cover up the sins and does that grace work for you when you are not accepting it?

I know that Jesus died for all sins, so I do not think that there can be any sin that can not be forgiven. With the exception of the one that Jesus mentions (Matthew 12:31 and Mark 3:29), but is that because to blaspheme the Spirit you are rejecting the grace and mercy that is offered to you?

I am not trying to be legalistic here and say that if you sin 5 times you have lost your salvation, but does not the sinning process move us out of the presence of God? This is not to say that we can not turn and reenter, but when we knowingly commit a sin, such as adultery or murder, are we not saying that we are choosing our path over that of God? Are we doing people a disservice when we tell them that it is ok to be a sinner and their salvation is still secure?


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