Wrong Worship

I have heard that some people are upset because they feel it is mocking the songs, but to me, I get that they are mocking and pointing out to those weekend Christians that their view is wrong and needs to be adjusted.

Any thoughts?



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16 responses to “Wrong Worship

  1. Being a Christian is a full time job. It’s funny though and it rings the bell of hypocrisy. Maybe this can be a wake-up call for “armchair” Christians. However, a real follower and lover of Christ could possibly be offended. I am a follower of Christ, but it doesn’t offend me. Kind of nauseates me a little though…same old sh*#, different generation…

  2. Well, you have to admit that hypocrisy runs deeply in every religious community. Christians, for example, should take seriously their lord’s insistence to give up all their worldly possessions and follow him, to give up all other personal relationships in importance and follow him, yada yada yada. The music of the modern evangelical church is ripe for parody.

  3. By the way, the Lord doesn’t ask us to give up all worldly possessions and relationships. He told the “rich young ruler” to sell everything and give to the poor…Why? Because the young man’s heart regarded wealth above God. God always asks us to put Hiim first; anything else in front of Him is bad news…He is a jealous God. And Christ doesn’t ask us to give up our families; He asks us to not to put them above Him. The picture you painted above is inaccurate in that God only wants to be number one in each believers heart. If you do this, then God can bless you with many things, including money and a rich array of personal relationships. Your picture above is accurate in that very few, unfortunately, regard God as number one in their life. They treat Christianity as a part-time job instead of a way of living with a very loving God! It is sad; not funny. People should make sure they know what they are talking about before mis-representing something as important as Christ’s message. Don’t believe what the world says!!!! Get to the bottom of it yourself. Most are force-fed a bunch of bologna from a broken system; read for yourself the truth in the Bible and then report back. It is like the whisper game, where one person whispers a statement to the person next to them and around the circle it goes. When the statement gets back to the originator, the statement is NEVER accurate…

    • That’s a rather favourable interpretation about Jesus’ intentions. I suspect you think I don’t know my bible, yet refer as you do to a ‘rich young ruler’ rather than the more common Foolish Ruler by which the parable is generally known. Be careful with your assumptions. My point, which you avoided, was simply to raise the gist of many such scriptural references to ‘give up’ (apotassetai in the Greek) all (arguably all the unnecessary possessions) in exchange for the riches of heaven earned by following him (specifically Luke 14:33). This is something I rarely see any christian do, which is why I continue to insist that hypocrisy finds fertile ground in religious communities that tries to control and deny the biological root for human behaviour.

      I think you are right to interpret the primacy of importance Jesus insists on to be one of reward for faith in some very posh after-life resort facility rather over and above any other worldly attachment in the here and now – be it for material or emotional wealth – which just as easily can be argued to be the root cause of the anti-life, anti-living in this world message for which christians are famous the world over. That’s simply not a behavioural issue of a few bad christian apples or an interpretive mistake that you suggest but indicative of a fatal epistemological error in the theology itself.

      • Oh, Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me.

      • Jesus doesn’t say become broke and have nothing on you. He says to trust him in everything and for everything and to rely on nothing but himself. Christianity is and should be first and foremost about the pursuit of God and making Him Lord. Most people, especially western people, do not get the concept of full surrender. It is not part of our way of life so we all struggle with it.

        “very posh after-life resort facility” – I missed this verse. I know it says mansion, but it doesn’t not mean that in the western sense. Another problem with lazy Christians not taking the time to learn what they say they believe in.

      • Xander, my man, AMEN! Thanks, I didn’t want to go there. You went for me. Complete surrender is a heroic act impassioned by the love of God. Everything else is vanity. Are you in or out? is the ultimate question all believers come across as they stand at the gate of discipleship. Bless you Xander…

      • What exactly are you ‘surrendering’, and what exactly are you surrendering to?

        The devil here is in the details, Xander. Jesus – if he ever existed – is long dead. What you are referring to as the object to which you are surrendering is many renditions of who and what he may have been. The most sympathetic yet honest answer to the question “Was Jesus god incarnate?’ is “I don’t know.” You may then move on to say “I believe so, but I may be wrong.” That’s as far as your faith allows you to go from the evidence at hand and not one millimeter more without becoming dishonest.

  4. A Christian should surrender their will and every other part to God, not the church.

    Jesus died many, many years ago. Came back to life right after that, but yes he died. He said he was God, so that is what I believe. Without him being God, it really doesn’t make much sense. I believe so, but I know I am not wrong. Your looking at historical evidence as that is the only thing you can basis your assumptions off of. I have the personal experiences that strength my faith and allow me to fully trust in that belief.

    • Where can I get these videos. I think me choir will benefit from it

    • The fact that you know you’re not wrong is – for lack of a better word – disturbing. It is equivalent to disallowing any contrary evidence from reality – or line of reasoning that utilizes evidence extracted from reality – on the basis of your belief rather than on any evidence reality provides to inform that belief. This is a fatal error in epistemology – in how we determine what is true about reality.

      By your own admission, you undermine the role reality plays in informing your beliefs and promote your beliefs to be the final arbiter of what is true about reality. This is backwards. You need to understand and appreciate how this broken method of thinking pollutes your ability to know about reality, undermines what you assume is knowledge that accurately reflects reality, and closes your mind to the extent that you allow only your beliefs to arbitrate what is true about reality.

      Put another way, this is the exact epistemology that makes a person what we call delusional: disassociated from the reality in which they live but someone who populates it only by their beliefs. Put three people who believe they are Jesus Christ reborn in a psych ward and watch how that cognitive dissonance unfolds. All three remain convinced – each knows – the other two are fakes. And they are certain of this truth.

  5. @tildeb, what we are surrendering is ourselves. On the issue of believing in Jesus; divinity, James said that even demons believe that Jesus is God. That is a non issue. the issue for me, is believing that Jesus is man, as in really man. Its kinda hard to believe that Jesus felt the same way i felt when he saw a sexy woman, but that is the implication. Jesus is alive because i’ve tasted of Him and I know, not because I heard it somewhere. And I can say that without any shred of doubt.

    • Islam means submission (and/or surrender) to the will of god. How is that you’re talking about Jesus when every good muslim knows you have surrendered to worshiping the wrong god?

      • I’m talking about Jesus because I believe what the Bible says. That is as simply as I can put it to you. If I try to explain, I will only come off as blunt, which is now known as bigoted.

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