Love and Demeaning Approaches

I have been working closely with a new co-worker who happens to be a lesbian.  I like her and we get along rather well.  We tell jokes and cut up and it is a pretty good time.  She is living with her partner who also happens to work at the same company as we do.  This is a rather large company, so many people.  In fact I met my wife at the company when she worked there.

So, thinking about Kristy, my co-worker, and her partner Deanna.  They love each other.   Watching them, I know they love each other.  I have seen many Christians bash gay relationships but what gets me is when you see two people who love each other, why deny it?  I know it doesn’t fit within the Christian paradigm, but you know they love each other.

So, since they apparently love each other, that makes it ok, right?  Not really, but that isn’t the point of this post.  The point is that Christians need to stop attacking gat couples and denouncing the love that they feel.  I know it is not what the Bible describes and it is not what we might identify as the correct type of love, but how many heterosexual relationships are based off the same type of love, yet they are not denounced?

Christians need to approach people in a different way.  Not all Christians will run up and bash someone by saying they are living a sinful lifestyle.  Until the Law came, no one knew what sin was, so why try to preach the law to people who are not living under it?  Kind of sounds like I am tossing them a free pass, but that is not the case.  I think we can not dismiss the feelings that they feel towards each other and call them false.  That insults the people and turns them away.  Why make someone defensive before they heard about the love of Jesus?

Somewhat of a rambling post, but it strikes me as odd every time someone so casually dismisses what others hold to be true.  It happens with religion and relationships.  We see it in political and social views.  Why insult the person before getting to know them?  Why approach people from such an arrogant position in the first place?  Listen to me because I am right?  I do not think so.  I will not listen to you because you have devalued me.

As a Christian, I know there is a right and a wrong, but you cannot lead off beating people over the head with it.  Reveal it through a position of mutual respect.  We are not superior to anyone despite the fact that we are saved.  In fact, being saved should mean that we are servants.  Let’s approach from that position instead.

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