Slave to the Lord

I was watching something last night and something really grabbed my attention.

I have and will continue to speak out to Christians to make the committed choice to Christ.  We cannot be Christians in name only anymore.  There has to be action and there has to be some fruit that is reflected from the change that we are proclaiming.

What got me was the word Lord.  We see it used often and have probably said it many times that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, but do we really mean it?  Do we even know what that concept really is?

The interesting part is what it means in the Greek.  The Greek word is kurios which has a few different meanings, but the primary meaning is that of possessor, owner, or master of property.  The meaning is directed towards that of a slave owner.

When we are saved, we are saying that our life no longer has meaning and we are becoming the property of God.  Our life becomes His life, not just with an exchange on the spiritual means, but as property, we are now slaves to God.

This is what is meant by living for God.  We are slaves to him and it is no longer our will we are to follow but His.  This is the part that Christians always struggle with, because we honestly have wants and desires.  The challenge is in denying those things that we want or feel like we need and instead do what is commanded.  It is a struggle, but God is gracious and merciful and He will lead us through these struggles.

It is not all about God being love and that is our role in life.  We must live for Him as we are His property if we truly want to be Christians.


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5 responses to “Slave to the Lord

  1. You would be such a good muslim! Islam carries exactly the same meaning, as in total submission to the will of god. The only difference, of course, is the Jesus bit.

  2. There are similarities, but I could never do that whole working to earn my way into heaven bit. I screw up way too much for that.

  3. They have Jesus, and actually defend him more than most Christians do. They just don’t see him as God.

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