I am a Nazi

I have finally been deemed a Nazi and hate monger because I said that I think homosexuality is wrong. Now when I made the comment, it was part of a “Christian” discussion and the argument was that there is no way God could think homosexuality is wrong when there is love. I am not going to go into a secular discussion over the topic and bring my religious beliefs into the fray. That is the wrong place and wrong audience. John Shore’s group only likes those who think like they do. Liberal Christian fundamentalist I suppose.

So, I said that I feel like the Bible is clear on the topic and that if Christians are wanting to dismiss that portion of it, why not chunk it all? So the response was that I was a Nazi, in line with the Aryan Brotherhood and that I was responding to people out of hate and anger. I don’t hate people for being gay. That is such a ridiculous reason to hate someone. I think there is a better way, but since I reject the way they live, I must hate them. I cant change that perception.

I did point out how these Christians were hypocrites for calling me names and belittling me when I express my views. They chose to respond out of hate and anger which, is odd when you are accusing someone else of those acts as if they were wrong.

The naming calling aside, there are two arguments that keep coming up. How can God love people and still send them to hell and Jesus said to love your neighbors so that means tolerance.

I can understand questioning why God would send someone to hell. The perception is that a person is living their life and God is just watching for them to get the epiphany that He exists and then they are rescued. If they are unable to see that God exists, He will punish them and send them to hell. Not a very loving God is it? That argument is used though so people will begin thinking how unfair that is and if God is fair, then the view that people who do not know God are sent to hell is perceived to be false. People are led to form a false conclusion based on erroneous thinking. Your view of God is wrong because you project a God that is not loving is what I am told. Why does your rejection of a god who has a standard of living mean that my God is not loving?

You have a standard of living and a view on how people should conduct their life. True, you probably don’t care about who I am sleeping with, but you form an opinion if it is right or not if I steal or hurt someone. You form a judgment if I cheat on my wife or hurt a child. If I decide to beat a homeless person and kill him/her, then you will most likely decide that my actions are wrong. We all have some version of a standard that we hold ourselves to and expect others to live by. While you might not consider my sexual activities to be included in your standard, you do if they affect someone else. If I decided to rape a person, then that is probably wrong to you. If I were to transmit sexual diseases to people unknowingly, then you might see that as wrong. If I were to have sex with a child, even if that child gave consent, you might see that as wrong. So chances are, some parts of my sexuality are included in your standard of living based on what you have determined to be acceptable and relatively normal. But God is wrong to have a perspective on your sexuality?

I still do not understand where tolerance of a person’s activity became a requirement with loving that person. You would not stop loving your child if they killed someone would you? You would not stop loving your child if they stole would you? You would not stop loving your child if they slapped you or talked back to you would you? But Jesus must be accepting of who you want to sleep with, right?




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12 responses to “I am a Nazi

  1. Why are you on the defensive? So what if they call you a Nazi for standing up for the truth. The more names they call you, the more glad you should be. You must be doing something right (Matthew 5:11).

    If you are speaking the truth found in God’s word (Read Romans 1:24-27) in love and in an attempt to save them, and they react against you and call you names, praise the Lord! Connie

    • elisa hill

      I am too much of a sinner myself to want to judge anyone else, i do believe the Bible is true,the Bible is very clear on all sin,maybe if i was living a purer christian life like you guys i could judge others and their lives, but i am just a sinner saved later in life after i had done many bad things, (which i am too ahamed of to mention), i guess you must have been brought up in Christian families and were counselled from and early age to always do good? I do envy you as my Parents were athiests, and we had to find our own way,so now when i start to look down, or judge others, God gives me a ‘nudge’, and i have to repent! God bless you.

  2. eahill58

    And where does the Bible say we should hate homsexuals?, chapter and verse please? ….Of course the homosexual act is the sin,are we not supposed to hate the sin, but love the sinner? Even Lot did not hate the people of Sodom,just the acts

  3. But no one is talking about hating homosexuals. Not sure where you got that from, but I have no hate towards them as people or a group. I am friends with many gay and lesbian people and their partners.

    I thought it was odd that you considered saying something was sinful as judging people according to a personal standard instead of the holy standard we are called to live. Personal opinion i suppose.

  4. I don’t agree with you, but I don’t think name-calling is helpful to the discussion, and everyone should be able to engage in honest discussion and debate without being accused of having unpleasant motives.

    So I was with you all the way through this, until just near the end. Did you intend to look like you’re comparing gays with paedophiles? Because that’s how I read it, due to a long and inglorious history of people doing just that while condemning homosexuality. That really weakens your argument.

    • I did not intend for it to come off as saying that homosexuals are the same as pedophiles. I know there are some in the group that support man-boy love, but the same types of things happen in heterosexual community, so it would be a double standard.

  5. eahill58

    But the Bible is our personal standard, not theirs,Jesus said we were NOT to judge others, God is the Judge not us,we are not asked to judge others by our Holy standards only ourselves, we only are responsible for ourselves.
    I dont think you are a Nazi, a terrible name to call anyone,and you are entitled to your personal opinion, and as you say it was a discussion on a christian website who ever reads that should expect to see view different to theirs! The only reason i challenged you was that you came over as unloving,which obviously you are not, as you have gay and lesbian friends!..

    • We are not to judge others based on our standard, but we have a standard, the Bible, in which we are to hold each other accountable to. I do not tell people they are going to hell, as i personally do not know what will happen to them. if a person is not a christian, i do not correct them by the Bible’s standard.

  6. eahill58

    and where is your evidence that’God sends anyone to Hell’,its their choice God would not send His own children there, they reject Him, and because He has given us free will, they have chosen that.

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