Luckily I have a break from school this week. I have noticed that as I continue studying Christianity I am constantly reminded how little I know. I love learning about the faith and knowing more about the religion I claim to follow.

There was a time when I moved to academic study and away from the lay teachers at churches that I struggled with faith. New questions that I was not prepared to answer where brought forward and I really had to get to a place of security in what I believed. I could no longer just be on the religion band wagon and repeating what I had heard as I had no way of backing up the knowledge I claimed to have.

I have learned to be ok with saying I do not know. I have learned that you do not need to spend the truth so that it paints God in a better life. You just have to be honest and pliable and God will reveal the heavens to you.

I am thankful this season of the patience God has shown me as I mature and move into more understanding. I will always be thankful, no matter how hard and uncertain it may be, that He wants to reveal himself to me and through me. Everyday is a day of thanksgiving for the relationship I have no right or claim to, but have been blessed with despite my failings.


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