Lisa Miller: Religion vs. Gay Rights

I wrote about Lisa Miller earlier and about her struggle after a divorce from her lesbian partner. You see Lisa Miller had a child and since she and her partner were married, her partner was awarded rights to that child. This is part of the struggle over legal rights for a non-biological parent when a divorce happens. Something similar could occur when a step-parent sues for visitation or custodial rights over a child when a divorce happens.

Well, Lisa Miller fled the country in order to hold true to her religious beliefs as opposed to honoring the court order to allow custody of her former partner. It is suggested that the Liberty Counsel assisted Lisa Miller as it was one of her staunches allies when the court proceedings were taking place. I was wondering why this dropped out of the religious news groups and now I know.

I suppose this is a case of a person following their morals instead of the legal stance of the country in which she lived. I wonder if this will be seen as a positive or negative thing. I suppose it really depends on who reads this and what their stance is on the issue of gay rights. If you support gay rights, you could place yourself into a position of sympathizing with the partner who lost what she considered to be her child. You might say that religious bigotry was at fault for her suffering. You might be right.

What if the partner was a man and the woman did not want her child to be raised with the man. The man is not abusive nor inappropriate with the child, but he holds to religious views that are contrary to the woman. Is her flight more justified now than it was when the man was a woman?



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2 responses to “Lisa Miller: Religion vs. Gay Rights

  1. Jim

    Great question, morals always win. Problem seems to be when the individual changes what he/she holds to be truth.

  2. she was raising a child with a partner – it doesn’t matter what gender that partner was

    the child and partner had a parental relationship and it is horrifying to me that the child be deprived of the continued love and relationship by a mother who claims to love said child.

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