Macy’s: Religion vs. Transgender

The Liberty Counsel releases a press release the other day about a woman who was fired from Macy’s for trying to prevent a transgendered man from entering the women’s dressing room. The woman claimed it violated her religious rights to identify the person as a woman but the customer claimed her actions violated Macy’s LGBT friendly policy. You can read more about it here. The link is to a LGBT friendly website, so their account is naturally going to be slanted, but I agree with a lot of what they say.

In this case, I agree with Macy’s. While I do not agree with nor condone the transgender claim, Macy’s had clearly stated its position to employees and the employee chose to ignore the policy. I feel bad that the woman lost her job right before Christmas, but it was her choice to do so. I think she was right for standing up for what she believes in, but that was never in question in this incident.

I do have some concern over Macy’s policy. I know it is there right to potentially compromise the safety and privacy of female shoppers by allowing men in the dressing room solely if they claim they are transgendered. The Transgendered community constitutes a very small portion of the population and Macy’s customer base, but it is more important to Macy’s to be accepting to all and risk miscreants abusing the policy in the future.

The problem is that there will be men who are willing to dress like a woman in order to hangout in dressing room and spy on the females who are undressing. This is not a new thing. There are websites dedicated to the peeping fetish. People like to take pictures up the skirts of women and set up spy cameras in places where women are undressing. Macy’s policy makes it a little more easy for these people to take advantage of the trust that women put into store to assure their privacy.

Ultimately, it will come down to whether people actually care or not. This woman who was fired knew the risk she was in when the policy was announced. People choose to ignore merchants who’s policies could stand in opposition of the religious beliefs they claim to have. People can not claim religious persecution when they choose to work or shop at a place who openly supports a stance that they supposedly openly oppose. We can not be ignorant of the world around us and still claim to be a follower of Christ.


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2 responses to “Macy’s: Religion vs. Transgender

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  2. I think that any straight man who’s desperate enough to dress as a women to try to spy on women is going to be pretty easy to identify

    whereas, many transgendered women are not easily distinguishable from women born women

    more than that, we make the rules to accommodate the most people, not make rules based on highly unlikely risk scenarios

    seriously, there’s a lot easier ways to see naked women than dressing up as one and sneaking into a change room

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