Gay Studies: New Law for 2012

Reading news articles, I came across one that was talking about the new laws that will be in place next week across the land. Many have to deal with immigration reform, even though they have seen that locking illegal immigrants out actually hurts their economy instead of helping it. There are new laws that will protect children from online bullying and sports related injuries. And there is this one:

A California law will add gays and lesbians and people with disabilities to the list of social and ethnic groups whose contributions must be taught in history lessons in public schools. The law also bans teaching materials that reflect poorly on gays or particular religions. Opponents have filed five potential initiatives to repeal the requirement outright or let parents remove their children while gays’ contributions are being taught.

I am curious as to how these new education classes will end up going. I remember some of the public education classes, but never once did I ever wonder about sexual orientation. True, I am a bit older, so less people were coming out, but it never seemed to matter. Now, children will learn that in addition to a person’s contributions to society, we will learn if they are gay or not. They wont actually say this person is straight or rejected sexual relations, but if they do not say they are gay, then we can assume they are not. I do like the flip side to this equation. We will know if the person is gay, but not if they were a pedophile. This will work to the benefit of several straight people as well, but I find it interesting that the law had to specify that.

I understand that the purpose of this law is to help eradicate any prejudices against gay people. The old biases that anyone who is gay can not nor has contributed society is a fallacy and should end. Heterosexuals should know better than anyone else that we do not have a superior moral argument because we are attracted to the opposite sex. Look at the number of rapist and pedophiles that we could lay claim too. I don’t really agree with this new law, but I understand those from the gay community are tired of defending their character based solely on sexual attraction. In a way, heterosexuals and the religious community are responsible for this legislation.



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4 responses to “Gay Studies: New Law for 2012

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  2. Cat Morris

    Thank you California for this new law!


  4. killyourself with your stupid site.

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