Politics and Religion

I am mixed on the role that religion should play in politics as well as what politics should be doing in religion.

I think most of us will see the religious special interest groups campaigning and lobbying politicians to make policy that they agree with. You see this from most religious groups, so we cant really say it is a Christian right aspect only. I will admit that the Christian right are one of the more vocal, but groups like CAIR have become ever more active in their pursuits of policy that benefits them as well.

Pastors and religious leaders are usually cautious as to what political opinions they are willing to give out as it could draw the unwanted attention of the IRS since non-profits are not supposed to be moving into the political arena. Over the years, I have heard pastors say that they like a certain person’s views on different policies or to weigh in that stopping the U.S. from providing assistance to Israel is not a good idea. They try to be generic as much as possible and I am guessing they hope you will understand what they are saying and vote according to their views.

Last year, the main pastor at the church we attend made a comment about a person participating in the republican presidential race. I was a bit taken a back by it as I have never once thought he was the Christian that his pr group had started making him out to be. His policies did not always make sense or represent the Christian mentality, so I did a double take when he was touted as an evangelical choice. You don’t want to judge, but when the actions don’t match the words, one cant help but wonder.

Do you ever question the other judgments of your pastor when they make a statement that just seems to be so wrong? How can you not wonder if it is true or if they are just jumping on the Christian band wagon. Do they make other decisions or statements like that? How much should you really trust them? I get these questions. I have these doubts and wonder if I am just in the wrong for questioning them.

With the race how it is, the only one I think I would want to vote for is Romney. Obama, sways to opinion and is struggling, but I do not agree with some of the policies that he has put in to play. I do not think federal money should go toward abortions anywhere and I do not think we should stop our support of Israel. Newt became a Christian sometime, but I do not want him to represent me. The same can be said of Santorum and Perry. Ron Paul has some good ideas, but he is anti-Israel so he is out. Bachmann represents the problem when Christians elect someone based on beliefs and not ability. I am not looking forward to this election, but I will vote.


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  1. Religion and politics should be kept entirely separate from one another; it’s just practically too late for this country. Somebody should never be voted in or kept from office based on what faith he or she is or isn’t. Ever.

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