And Tebow Walked on Water

I am amazed at how much attention Tim Tebow gets for being a Christian. I get how he became famous, but it don’t get why. Why did people make sure a big deal over the fact that he wrote john 3:16 under his eyes during a game? If no one would have been offended or just let it go, it would not be near the issue it is now.

I don’t have anything against him or his faith. I think it is great that he stands by his convections and lives his life openly like that. I don’t think that is the reason the Broncos have been winning, but if it is, I have to ask why God doesn’t bless the other teams that have Christians playing on them in the same way. I think that sentiment is what bothers me the most about Tebow. Not the fact that he is blessed, but the attitude that no one else must be. Is that really the way Christians see things?

I have a friend who dislikes Tebow the media thing, but not Tebow the person. His Christianity was called into question for vocalizing a dissent against Tebow, which is really uncalled for. If anything, it should be in question over the fact that he is dating a stripper while waiting for his divorce to be finalized. His soon to be ex filled for divorce after she decided that she didn’t want to be married who had a kid, so I feel bad for him, but dating a stripper doesn’t usually lead to a good outcome. I don’t think he has abandoned Christ, but he doesn’t feel like adhering to some of the directives. I guess we all go through similar type things when trying to get over a breakup. Maybe not with the stripper, but you know what I am talking about.

Anyways, when did Tebow get the status as Jesus? No where is there a commandment that rejection of Tebow equates to blaspheming the holy spirit. I am glad that he has the opportunity to give a positive image to people for being a Christian, since we have taken enough black eyes from way too many pastors. His fans need to understand that some people will be offended by his message and not take it personally. They will do more damage to the already tarnished image of Christianity then he will for not making the Super Bowl.

I am a Patriots fan, so that is who I will be cheering for this weekend. I suppose could pray for them, but obviously those prayers will be rejected due to the presence of Tebow on the field. (smirk). Hopefully, it will be a good game and all can be edified.

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  1. See? I’m a Rams fan, so I’m being punished for being a non believer! (I’m getting tired of high draft picks… eventually the whole team will be made up of first and second rounders.)

    Actually, I like what Warner said him: show the strength of your faith by the kind of person you are on and off the field… make people want to ask you what makes you the person you are, and then tell them you gain strength and wisdom from your faith…. a faith that you are more than willing to share.

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