Thoughts on Abortion

I heard an interesting conversation recently over abortion. One part of it was over how many abortions are performed due to rape and incest. It is a good question as that is one of those emotional reasons that pro-choice supporters like to use as a reason abortion should not be illegal. Now I will be honest and admit that I am against abortion, but I am not for making it illegal as I think better education should be the main method to combat this issue. That being said, doesn’t it make you curious as to how many of these heinous crimes actually result in a pregnancy? It is hard to find numbers, as I can not find many organizations that actually address this situation. I would think the number would be high, as it is one of the leading reasons that pro-choice supporters like to use. From what I can find is that 1.81% of all abortions in South Dakota between 1999 and 2006 were due to rape and/or incest. Other states in that report did not even break the 1% barrier.

The other part of the conversation was the “what if” argument. If homosexuality could be traced back to a genetic condition, would it be wrong to abort the child if the parent’s did not want a gay child? I don’t think you can truly equate homosexuality with downs syndrome or what most would consider a genetic defect, but since abortion is legal, there would be nothing stopping a person from aborting her unborn gay child. The flip side of that is if a person wanted a gay child, they could abort their unborn heterosexual children until they were able to conceive a gay child. I am not sure if it would be morally wrong, as I have no clue what society is willing to accept.



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12 responses to “Thoughts on Abortion

  1. The leading reason for keeping the law out of abortion decisions before viability has everything to do with the state recognizing the woman’s basic rights to exercise choices about her pregnancy versus state enforced servitude (specifically the 9th and 13th amendments).

    • What about the child’s basic right to life?
      BTW, please tildeb, could you read this book by tozer, Knowledge of the holy. The pdf format can be downloaded free, just google it

      • Note how you use the word ‘child’ with ‘basic rights’. Fetuses are not children. They are fetuses. They have no rights. The real question here is how to balance the potential of the fetus against the rights of the woman. The woman is fully developed, whereas the fetus is not. In fact, the fetus is absolutely dependent on the woman. I suspect you believe that the fetus is somehow separate, somehow independent, somehow infused with rights it has not yet earned by development, whereas the woman has already done just this and attained those very ‘basic rights’ already. I also think you may assume this developing life belongs not to the woman but to god and you allow this assumption to colour your opinion.

        You could solve the following equations to reveal why this point is essential:

        Fetus plus god equals nonviable fetus. Solve for god.
        Fetus plus woman equals viable fetus. Solve for woman.

        Clearly, the ‘basic rights’ of the woman outweigh the claim about god’s ownership over the fetus. The fetus attains these same rights to be considered equally only at birth (what is called ‘viability’).

  2. If dependency on others in order to survive determines basic rights, then those new born children have no rights for many months after they pop out. That is murder though, so why is it easier to rationalize aborting a child before leaving them womb but not after?

    • Viability doesn’t mean ‘dependence on others’; it means the ability to survive after a sufficient amount of development (usually after a minimum of 24 weeks gestation). This is why abortion can and is legally constrained after this time period and it is based on the fetus becoming a baby.

      • So, a newborn child can survive without assistance, since by this time of course, it has become viable.
        Imagine if your mother had this mentality, or Einstein’s mother, or Newton’s mother, or mine… the thoughts are chilling.
        As someone born into a ‘medical family,’ I know that a lot of women might have to abort to save their lives. But I think the issue in abortion is the ATTITUDE by those aborting. Abortion in itself might be necessary sometimes, I think, ’cause I am not through thinking about the women I mentioned before. But for a vast majority of abortions, it is a way to save face and shun responsibility. There might be a coincidental issue of the mother’s health, but, in my opinion, the mothers, or at least those who were not raped, suddenly realized after sex, usually before marriage, that they didn’t want to be pregnant, aborted the baby with some feelings of guilt and shame, but with a tiny bit of relief that they had escaped unscathed. Those who abort to save their lives usually do so with a tremendous amount of grief, and no relief whatsoever.
        Those women who abort to shirk responsibility will not do so if new studies suddenly show that anyone who aborts WILL NEVER conceive again. Those whose lives are in danger however, do not usually have such luxury.

        When a ‘fetus’ is aborted, there can be no other fetus like that ever again. We sacrificed the potential of the fetus for easing the guilt of the mother.

        Also, the reason abortion is not usually advised after 24 weeks is because it begins to pose a risk to the mother at that stage. Reference Saladin’s ‘Human anatomy.’

      • And tildeb, would you also not mind reading the bible? Not with a critical or scientific mind, but, with an open mind, the way you expect me to understand what you are talking about.

      • JF155, you are very quick to jump to a conclusion that is inaccurate. I never suggested human babies did not need assistance. Babies need many years of assistance. The difference is that at the age of viability a baby no longer depends on only its mother.

        You make all kinds of assumptions about why women abort. My point is that it isn’t your business and restrictive laws to suit various assumptions have the effect of restricting the rights of pregnant women to that of making them incubators.

  3. And JF155, you assume I have not read the bible. I have, many times, of different editions. I have also read many other ‘holy’ books none of which I first assumed to be dictated by god or assumed to be the revealed word of this critter you call god. The more you read, the more you realize that these are all too obvious human works from the times they were written constrained by a tremendous lack of knowledge about the workings of reality. Nowhere have I read any startling revelation suggesting a divine mind at work.

    • I am sorry for making those assumptions about you. I have resolved to stop trying to defend God. He can defend Himself to you just fine!

      Do you know if there are any scholarships available for African students, specifically Nigerian students interested in studying medicine in your country? If so, what are the requirements.

      • That’s good news! God really should be able to defend him/her/it self. The only other request I have of any believer is to support secular enlightenment values for the public domain, meaning in law, governance, education, military, and any other public policies and institutions. Only by removing religious privilege and favoritism in the public domain can all of us enjoy freedom of and freedom from religion. In other words, what you believe in your private life is no business of mine and you can inform your private acts with your faith or good reasons to your heart’s content… on the condition that you don’t adversely my freedom to do the same.

        As for student visas and scholarships, I’m sorry but you’ll have to Google what’s available. I have no idea.

      • It is hard not to want to defend God.

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