Wow – Paula Deen Caught Eating a Cheeseburger

Last week, TV chef Paula Deen announced that she’s been suffering from type 2 diabetes for the past three years. She acknowledged that a person has “to make changes in your life” but apparently, Deen hasn’t apparently changed all that much. TMZ posted a photo of Deen woolfing down a cheeseburger on Monday while on a 7-day Caribbean cruise. The 65-year-old chef was hosting her annual Party at Sea vacation for 400 fans. TMZ says Deen also had fries on her plate.

This is off from my normal stuff, but I can’t get past the obsession people have with such trivial issues. I mean with all that is going on in the world, this ranks high enough in importance that Good Morning America has to put out a new piece on the cheeseburger Paula Deen had. What about the starving kids that we have in our own country? To me that ranks a bit higher than someone with type 2 diabetes getting off her diet. If I wanted to see that, I would go eat lunch with my dad. Oh wait, he can eat that stuff as long as he adjusts his diet for the rest of the day. So not such a big scandal unless it is seen by someone who doesn’t understand the life of someone with type 2 diabetes.

I like watching Anthony Bourdain, even though he is a bit of a grump. The locations that he travels to and experiences sometimes makes me envious, but where does he get off criticizing Paula Deen about her lifestyle or cooking habits? This shouldn’t be much of an eye opener, but people eat what they want to eat and not because someone on TV says she likes cooking with butter. I like cooking with butter too, but I know that I am responsible for what I eat. Watching Bourdain on his shows, he likes eating indulgent meals and drinking binges. Should I blame him for every person who does the same thing? Some day, we have to acknowledge that we are personally responsible for the choices we make.


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