Slavery, the Bible and Classroom Discussions

I thought it was odd that in my ethics class, one of the fellow students disagreed when I said that the Bible condoned slavery. Now to be fair, I am not a proponent of slavery and I mentioned it that some of the bible must be taken in context, but they felt that there was no time in which slavery was allowed or promoted by the bible.

Their response was a bit snarky and said that it could be said that adultery was allowed by the bible since David, a man after God’s own heart, committed it. I think that is a bit of a reach and I understand they were responding that way to make a point.

My response was to ask if they ever read Leviticus and the rules that the Bible lays out in how slaves must be treated. No response.

It is easy for us to become defensive over the bible when people make allegations that it supports something that we disagree with, but isn’t it best to read it first and see if the allegation is true? Just a thought.


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