Susan G Komen vs. Planned Parenthood: Which Death is Better?

Facebook was alive with the rants from people over the Susan G Komen foundation pulling its funding from Planned Parenthood. I had no idea what it was about, but from the rants, it seemed like it was over the issue of Planned Parenthood performing abortions. If that was the case, it was within their right to withhold funding, but it is sad that the grant that they have made over the years for breast examinations would not be there this year. My mother survived stage 4 breast cancer, so this is an issue that I care about.

Watching the news this morning, I got a different view on the ordeal. It seems that the Komen backed off funding due to the investigation being launched by Congress over misuse of funds by Planned Parenthood. Komen’s policy is not to fund organizations that are under investigation by a government group. Planned Parenthood however is the one claiming that it is over the issue of abortion, as Komen yielded to pressure from anti-abortion groups.

I take issue with the reaction of some people that they will no longer support the Komen foundation since they are not supporting Planned Parenthood. If the issue was truly about abortion, Planned Parenthood is not stopping. Komen not funding them should not cut the number of abortions funded nor does it take away women’s right to choose an abortion if they so wish. By taking a stance for the termination of under developed life over the need to find a cure for cancer, people are choosing one form of death over another. It just seems wrong and petty.


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