Former Komen Exec Calls Planned Parenthood a Bully

I said that Planned Parenthood was bullying Susan G Komen when they blasted it in the media that the $680,000 grant would not be continued with Planned Parenthood due to the investigations over misuse of funds. Now, Karen Handel is releasing in the media more details about what she perceives to have happened and as you might have guessed, she is blaming Planned Parenthood.

Handel did an interview with the Daily Beast, which is not a conservative media outlet. You can read the whole article here.

The gist of the interview was that Komen had been spending too much time fighting the media and public opinion over their partnership with Planned Parenthood. Komen was being denounced by Catholic bishops and many major contributors were ready to pull their support for the non-profit organization. The decision was made by the entire board to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood. The funds that were given to Planned Parenthood were less than 1% of the total grants that were given out each year, so it was not as if they were cutting off a major partner.

There was supposed to have been an agreement between the two parties where they would not announce the discontinuation of support in December, but Planned Parenthood went back on its word and released the information to the media. There is probably more to the story, but we will have to wait until someone else goes public and talks about it.

What I find interesting, is that those groups and organizations that promote tolerance are usually the least tolerant of those who disagree with them. Perhaps tolerance is not the word that we need to use when talking about people’s feelings and views. When you look at tolerance in the real world and not in the political correctness arena, it denotes how much pressure can an item takes until it breaks. How much weight and pressure can be put on a frame until it snaps. To say we need to be more tolerant acknowledges that the person will break and that they just need to try and hold on a bit more. The pressure that stresses the tolerance is never released though. Once the tolerance level is met, more is added to it to see how much further it can go. The goal of testing tolerance though is always to break the item being tested. That way you know how far you can take a similar item in further encounters.

Maybe it should be that we need to be more understanding of people’s views. Not accepting, as I am not required to agree with all positions just as you are not required to agree with my stances. I can learn to understand your point of view and take that into consideration, but I do not have to tolerate your actions. I can choose to leave and remove myself from them.

In the end though, the more “tolerant” a group demands, the more of a bully they become, because in the end, the purpose of tolerance is to break that which opposes you.

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