Getting Ready for Doomsday

I have started watching Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic channel. It is an interesting show that documents several families and their pursuit to be prepared and ready for an “end of times” event. Now they do not appear to be religious, so I don’t think they are talking about the second coming of Christ, but in a sense, they are.

Christians have long talked about the second coming and the end of the world. You can see it in Paul’s writings long before Revelations was written. Considering he was a Jew, he was well aware of the apocalyptic writing in the Tanakh, so it wasn’t like it was a new concept when Jesus talked about the end of the world.

I am drawn to this show because I love “end of times” type movies and plot lines. I love zombies shows like The Walking Dead and Zombieland. I grew up on Mad Max and those post apocalyptic type shows. Now I like futuristic stuff as well, like William Gibson, that depicts the commercialization of humanity. These are not the most positive movies, but they show the theme of humanity failing itself and bringing about its own destruction. I think we all know this will happen, so we work in our own ways to try and prevent this.

Watching Doomsday Preppers somewhat inspirers me to plan a bit better for natural disasters and that possible end time event. I have no idea what will happen at any given time, so it does make sense to be prepared as much as possible, but I do not want my preparedness to be a response to fear. I think some water and medical supplies are a good idea, but I can not see hording years worth of food.

One of the families on the show have created a sustainable backyard, in which all of their food was provided by what they were growing and raising. When they were being judged on their preparedness level, one area that they failed was in not including their neighbors in their plans. You see if this ever happens and food becomes scarce, those who have will either have to share or defend what they have. At that time, you have to know if you can kill someone to protect your family and its survival.

That idea made me think and kind of reexamine what stance I would take if that happened. In all things we are to reach out to those who have not and give. When I decide to start preparing for the “what if” moments, I have to take into consideration that I will be helping others around me as well. I will defend the safety of my family if the need to arrives, but I plan on reaching out to those without and helping them. I will love those and just trust on God to continue to provide in my endeavors.

During my morning commute, I listen to different preaching sessions on a syndicated radio station. I found the station by accident a couple of weeks ago and slowly started listening to it. I don’t always agree with some of the preaching that is shared, but there are some interesting pastors who have caught my attention. This morning was a continuation on a message about salvation that somehow got onto revelations. I know the message is old as they are talking about the uprising in Egypt as if it is a current event.

One of the things he referenced was the bill that would give the President the ability to kill the internet in the U.S. if needed to, which is what the president of Egypt had done when he tried to control the uprising. Our world has become dependant on electronic communication. Thoughts and ideas are spread through the internet and various data transferring methods, so if anyone wanted to stop ideas and impose their own, this would be something that would have to happen.

The pastor referenced how the public school system is trying to remove God from the minds of young people, which should have always been the responsibility of the parents to educate their kids. The general feeling for the Christian church is that we are living in the end times. Of course Paul thought that too as probably every generation of Christian since. We never know when it will end or what it will bring us, so we really need to be prepared at all times to be able to reach out to those around who are not prepared.


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