Do I Confess Christ Before Men?

At least once a week on Facebook, someone will make a status that basically says that if we love Jesus we need to change our status saying we do because if we do not we are denying him.  This is a reference to Matthew 10:32.  It is a good message and I am sure they have good intentions on why they are doing it, but is my salvation really based on if I copy a message on Facebook?

“If I confess Christ before men”

So what does that really mean?

I can say all day long that I am a child of God or that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, but if my actions speak otherwise, my confession is false, is it not?  If I confess Christ before men but fail to act accordingly, is Jesus confessing me to the Father as well?  Do we really think that if we give lip service to Jesus in our confession of submissions that He is before the Father saying “Yep, they confessed me”?

If a person confesses a crime to the police, they are held accountable for their actions right?  You do not confess to a crime and then submit to the punishment if you did not actually commit the crime right?  why is it different with God? 

Maybe my logic is missing the point on this.  Maybe it is the fact that there are few negative actions associated with confessing Christ where I live.  The Christians who live in Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and basically any country that is ruled by Muslim law is risking death by confessing Christ.  To them, the confession is basically a death sentence for committing a crime against Islam, so you one would expect that their beliefs and actions will reflect that confession.  I am not going to risk death for something I do not believe in.  I am not going to risk being beaten and mutilated for something that is not important to me.  I am not going to risk the torture and possible death of my family for a comment.

This is what Christ was referring to when he said if you confess him he will confess you.  He will confess you are His servant and follower.  You are his disciple.  You are His.

Are you confessing Jesus with your beliefs and actions as well as with your mouth?



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6 responses to “Do I Confess Christ Before Men?

  1. thebassoflife

    Man, this is so good. It’s kinda like having a Bible displayed in my house. If I treat people terribly and never really DO anything to display Christ as the center of my life, it means nothing. I won’t get to Judgement Day and be able to plead, “But Jesus, I owned a Bible!’ any more than I can plead, “But Jesus, I re-Tweeted that Bible verse Craig Groeschel posted!” Kinda convicting, when it comes right down to it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you.

      It gets to me how many people are following a version of Christianity that seems to reflect more of a hobby than a life. I feel this burden on my heart that now is the time that people need to wake up and understand what salvation really means.

  2. A very well written piece…Thanks and blessings Darrell

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