Jesus Died Why?

This is a quote that John Shore had posted on his Facebook account:

“Christ didn’t sacrifice himself on the cross so that everyone could start worrying about what everyone else was doing with the sexuality. He let himself be killed by hate so that we might at least begin to grasp how true it is that the only thing that ever matters is love.”

It is a great comment. Somewhat moving really. Inaccurate, but anymore that does not seem to matter to Christians.
Now this is not a post on homosexuality. I know Mr. Shore likes to spin scripture around so it makes it acceptable, but why spend my time attacking his view of scripture on that topic.
Several things bother me about his comment. First of all, the only thing that matter is not love. Sounds rather unchristian, but it is true. Let me get the second point out of the way and then back to the first.
Ok, so secondly, it gets old when we keep trying to tie sexuality with love like that. I love my mother, but I do not want a sexual relationship with her. I love my neighbors, but I do not desire to have sex with them. See how easy it is to try and defend a sexual orientation or desire with that great emotion of love, but not all love yields sex, so really that approach is in accurate and manipulative. If you want to have sex with someone of the same gender or someone in your family or a goat, give up the need to try and justify it with the love that Jesus commanded us to have for each other, because it just does not fit.
Since that is now out of the way, and trust me it has been bugging me all day, let’s get back to the statement that Jesus died so that I might be able to grasp the idea that love is the only thing that matters.
It is true that Jesus said the greatest commandment is to LOVE God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your mind. He second is to love your neighbors as yourself, but that still takes a back seat to the whole love God thing, so if God tells you something that needs to be done in obedience, it overrules the love your neighbor aspect. I keep drifting back to the second point.
So, why did Jesus die on the cross then?
There are many reasons really. He died as an act of obedience to the Father. He died because He took the punishment for mankind upon Himself so that man could once again be reunited with God in a personal and intimate way. He died so that the covenant with Abraham could be fulfilled. He died to atone for the sins of humanity. He died to fulfill the master plan of God. I could keep going, but the main reason He died was because despite our flaws and wickedness, God loves us and wants His children to be with Him.
There is a love there, but it is a love that we will never fully understand in this life. Love matters, but it is God’s love. Not an imperfect love that we struggle to give out, but the perfect love that we can only experience and will never be worthy of.


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One response to “Jesus Died Why?

  1. I agree. The post by Mr Shore is wrong. Jesus came to save us from our sin, and died to be a propitiation for our sins.

    Sin is not defined by man, but by God.

    Jesus DID say that the greatest commandment was to love God, and He said that the second WAS LIKE UNTO THE FIRST; but, He also said that if we love Him, we should keep his commandments

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