Science on Sexual Development

Just as people have used the Bible and biblical understanding against homosexuality throughout the ages, those who support homosexuality have sought to use science to understand the sexuality of humans along with that development to see if there was another sign of its origin besides disobedience to God.

Dr Bruce Bagemihl is a biologist who has documented the occurrences of homosexual activities among animals in nature. Homosexual behavior has occurred in more than 450 different kinds of animals worldwide. These animals are found in every geographic region and in every major animal group. “On every continent, animals of the same sex seek each other out and have probably been doing so for millions of years…they court each other, using intricate mating dances that are a result of eons of evolution.” It is of no surprise to biologist that same sex relations occur in the animal world. It has been documented that there would be male on male penetration as an act of dominance, but with more detailed study, courtship and mating same sex couples have been indentified among many different species. There is documentation that indicates that female homosexual behavior in Japanese macaques is of a sexual orientation and not simply a sociosexual one. Robin McKie wrote an article detailing the gay penguins at the New York zoo, who were affectionate towards each other and even had sex and a desire to procreate.

Genetic study has gone to great lengths to try and identify a “gay gene”. While they have not been able to accomplish this as of yet, scientist are confident that one will be found. Even if homosexuality is shown to have a genetic component, many scientists do not think that the gene will be the deciding factor upon the sexual orientation of a person. “The gene will be one component, all be it a large component, of the sexual orientation of a person. The biology and social environment will always play a crucial part in determining the sexual orientation whether it be of an animal or human.”

What is being seen is that there is a direct correlation of homosexual orientation between animals and between humans. The similarities go to show that contrary to biblical writers that homosexuality is a very natural occurrence, even though it only naturally occurs in a minority of any given population. While researches look to point to a truly biological tie to people being born gay, the Church must now wrestle with the understanding that some people are born and develop with a same sex attraction.

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