Sinless with Sex Robots

One of the trending searches on Yahoo today was the phrase “sex robots”. Now how can one not click on the phrase and see what people are looking at? It is just too odd early in the morning to dismiss it, at least for me it is.

What the deal is, is a Forbes article that is talking about how technology will modernize and revolutionize the sex industry by providing robots geared towards sexual purposes. Is that not odd? Now I have seen the life size dolls that are out there plus a whole array of toys and other gadgets, but never a robot.

Now the benefits of these proposed robots is that they will not spread sexual disease not can they be sold into sex slavery, which is a rampant and under addressed problem with the world. There is no rejection nor fear of failing to impress these emotionless sex workers. Also seems to solve the problem by removing some of the young women who are being exploited and used for carnal pleasures.

There are some people who do not think that people will want to have sex with a robot, but I honestly think there will be some. There are already comments of people who like the idea as then they will not be sinning since they are not having sex with another person. How can one commit adultery when there is no other person involved. Those who have same sex attractions are not sinning by having sex with a male based robot, right?

The issue with sexual immorality is not always about the other person who the act is committed with, but the motivations and desires that propel the act in the first place. Jesus said that if you lust in your heart, you are committing adultery. Who will lust after a robot? No one. People will use the robots to fulfill the carnal desires that they have and try to get past sinning due to a technicality. If you think that way, you are already sinning.

If you want to avoid sexual disease, follow the example from God and only have sex once you are married and only have it with your spouse. It takes commitment that some people are just too unwilling to make, but if we follow what God laid out for us, sexual disease would not exist in this world.

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  1. I would bang a robot if it was good enough to turn me on. I wouldn’t give up human sexual relations, though. Maybe then I could finally convince my wife to have a threesome. Haha

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