Book Review: The Harbinger and When Judgment Comes to the U.S.

Work has really seemed to kill my time lately, so I am not dead nor have I lost interest in blogging. In fact it seems to have increased, but spread between multiple sections.

It was a month or so ago, that I wrote something about the television show “Doomsday Preppers”. I still love this show, but each episode gives me something new to think about. I like to plan and think of solutions, so when presented with a challenge, my brain kicks into action. This post however is about a book I started reading awhile back, but now I have actually finished.

The book is called The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. I will start off saying I liked the book, for the most part. It is a pretty easy read, with the exception of following the clues and how they relate. The mystery is not overly complicated, but there is a lot of information that the story contains.

This book is classified as fiction, as the characters and the events did not really happen, but the mystery / prophecy that the story is based on is projected as being real. It can seem a bit of a stretch to some thinkers and totally unlikely to be really to many, so I figure that is why Mr. Cahn put this out as a work of fiction. Let people read and have the message just sink in and see what happens.

Aside from the fiction aspects of the book, the story is about judgment. More specifically, it is the judgment that has come upon the U.S. due to its rejection of God. The judgment that is coming upon the U.S. has not been completed, but enough of the signs are present that the similarities point back to what happened to Israel when it rejected God and how it was eventually destroyed by the Assyrians.

Cahn weaves the story to show how the attack on 09/11 coincides with what happened to Israel and ties back to Isaiah:

and all of the people were evil—Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria—saying proudly with arrogant hearts: ‘The bricks have fallen, but we will build with dressed stones; the sycamore trees have been cut down, but we will replace them with cedars.’ (Isa 9:9-10)

Without giving the entire story away, national leaders basically used verse 9:10 as a way to inspire and rally people together, but what they were doing was actually pronouncing a curse of sorts on the nation. They did this by not calling on the U.S. to repent for turning from God, but trying to use the words that were originally said prideful and in spite of God, to say that we would rebuild and triumphed without God or the need to turn back towards Him.

The book is really acting in a prophetic nature to say that the U.S., which was dedicated to the service of God in the beginning, needs to turn back to the full worship and obedience of God or face the consequences of its actions. Now the book does not say specifically what the end result will be, but it will be devastating to the U.S.

With Israel, it was a total loss. The Assyrians came in and destroyed everything. The people were taken off as slaves and made servants of their captors. While I do not see a nation invading and taking over the U.S. per say, I can see an economic collapse that will see the U.S. become more like the third world countries that surround it and more attacks from its enemies, who want to see the country suffer due to its arrogance.

How The Two Greatest Collapses In Financial History each took place on the exact same day and hour, on the precise year and day ordained from ancient times

The U.S. has already started its move away from being the financial center and standard of the world. This is not fear mongering, but simple truth. You can see the banks that the government bailed out rushing to embrace China as the new standard and setting up London as the major economic center. This is the nature of our worldly society so should not be surprising to anyone.

The book tells about two financial collapses that have occurred and suggest another one coming before 2020. Economist are already saying this, as China will officially surpass the U.S. by 2016 if not sooner. With China being more solvent, the Yuan will eventually replace the dollar as the standard and the value of your dollar will drop. You will be less able to buy what you used to. Debts will not be able to be paid off and you will see a bigger collapse that what we have already seen. This is coming from economist and not just built up to try to point to God’s judgment.

Back in the day, God would send a prophet to go to the people and warn of impending judgment. The people would hopefully listen and be saved. The people would turn, for a time back to God, and judgment would be postponed. It was only postponed, as the people always reverted back to their old ways and that judgment that they were saved from was once again put into motion. The case is no different with the U.S.

It is time that God’s people start proclaiming that judgment is coming to the U.S. and the only way out of it is to repent and turn to God. Sadly, I know that will not happen, but there are some people who can be saved by this act. It is our responsibility as being in Christ to reach out and proclaim this message. People need to prepare for coming judgment for I honestly do not see a rapture coming to save the elect from this.

God is always faithful to see the faithful remnant through these times to continue to be faithful to Him and proclaim His truth. His mercies will be shown to the world, but mercy comes in the face of suffering.

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