Dan Savage Does Not Like the Bible or the Pansy Assed People who Follow It

Maybe it is too harsh to say Savage does not like the people who took a stand and walked out when he was criticizing the Bible at a High School journalism conference.  I am not sure why it is ok to speak about the Bible, if you like it or not, since this is a school function and as many Christians know there is supposed to be a separation of church and state.  I would think if you could not preach your message from it, then you should not be able to speak ill of it either, outside of criticizing the poetry or literary properties of it.


Personally, I do not care what he says about the bible.  It is his right to express his opinion and since it speaks against homosexuality, I rightfully expect him to speak out and denounce it.  I think he got it wrong when he started name calling those who left because they were offended at his meeting.  True, pansy ass is not as bad as calling someone a faggot or damning them to hell, but as an anti-bullying specialist, I would expect no name calling from him at all.  It sends the message that either some name calling is ok or it is ok to call someone names if they disagree with your position.  Of course if it is ok, then who gets to decided who is right and it basically cancels out his message of tolerance and no bullying.


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3 responses to “Dan Savage Does Not Like the Bible or the Pansy Assed People who Follow It

  1. We could quibble about the details, but I do think his actual remark about those leaving was inappropriate. You are right to call him out on that much at least.

  2. I do not blame him for the frustration that he felt when they walked out. Here you have people standing up and saying that their way is the only way, yet they can take accusations and challenges being made against the book that, in theory, they base their life around. I am curious as to why they walked out though. I could understand if he was cursing God or defecating on the Bible, but he was expressing his opinion and if it had been another venue, it would have been perfectly acceptable.

    His giving into his emotions damages his message some and that is the shame of the matter. Bullying needs to stop against all people. He has since apologized for his comments which is the right thing to do.

  3. I often read your blog and always find it very interesting. Thought it was about time I let you know, Keep up the great work.

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