Bullying Just Seems so Natural

A news article came out yesterday talking about a dolphin that is trapped in a wetlands area in California.  The interesting part is that what is blocking him is a pair of dolphins who will not let it pass.  It seems that bullying occurs in the wild as well. 

“He was scared, he was intimidated, he was bullied,” Peter Wallerstein of the Marine Animal Rescue told the Los Angeles Times.

What I find interesting is that people either want to embrace or distance themselves from attitudes that are “naturally” occurring in wild animals.  What drives us to decide that we like certain behaviors but others are beneath us and uncivilized? 

Animals kill their young if they are left unprotected at times but then will risk their own lives trying to defend them as well.  People will justify their sexuality or sexual practices off behaviors found in the wild, but then recoil in shock when china was killing babies since they were not male.  Some animals mate for life and others jump from partner to partner.  Packs will kick out those members who are not following the rules of the hierarchy and other times you will see a coup in leadership as a stronger member takes over control. 

So why do we as people flip flop on our support on basing actions off of animal behaviors?  If we want to dismiss monogamy because it is just not natural, then shouldn’t we also not care if a person kills another person when challenged or when a child is abandoned to die because the parents just don’t want the burden? 

If we are so much like the animals around us, then why do we try and raise above our natural responses and impulses in the name of humanity?

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