Amendment One Supporters Cloud Issue over Marriage

I will most likely make someone mad over this, but I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this post about the upcoming vote in North Carolina over gay marriage:

Christian Left Posting Against Amendment One

I understand the position these people have over the topic, but where do we get that standing against same sex marriage is against the teaching of Christ? His teachings stated what marriage was, so there is not a lot of support from his sayings on this matter. When you look at the matter of trying to be loving, supportive, or nurturing, I am lost on if these actions are to be directed towards the person or a civil status. Christ never once taught on these things did he? Be supportive of a person’s choice to marry? Yes, we are to be loving towards a person, but not their actions.

What we are talking about, outside of the religious connotations, is a redefinition of marriage. Marriage is not a civil right, despite what people want to say. Yes, it is a benefit that has been awarded to a select group of people, but it is not an entitlement to all people. This is a legal contract, so the government automatically prohibits minors and those with mental deficiencies from taking part in it. Are we not discriminating towards them by not allowing these groups of people to marry as well? When you are looking at the claims of legalized discrimination, ask where those who oppose this amendment stand on polygamy and why marriage should be limited as a union between only two people? If the desire is to remove all discrimination from marriage, then why is this being made about same sex attraction and not all parties who are forbidden to have a legally binding marriage?

The issue is not over equality, but how a society defines what marriage is.

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