Amendment One and the Aftermath

Amendment One passed in North Carolina and as soon as it did Facebook, Twitter and blog posts lit up about the topic.  I know this is near and dear to many people and despite accusations; I do not think that this was simply religion trying to force its morality on people.  True, religious people were very vocal about it, but those who voted for this were not just Christian.  From what I can tell, the reason behind the amendment goes to scenarios like Prop 8 being struck down by the court as being unconstitutional.  The majority of voters in North Carolina wanted to retain the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Now, some of the things that I have read were from Christians who were calling those who voted for the amendment as “idiots and morons” and that they twisted the Word of God for their own reasons.  I found it amusing as their name calling and insults do not really go well in glorifying the Lord.

I read one post about how the issue over same sex marriage and treatment of people who are gay is the modern day equivalent to the treatment of lepers in the time of Jesus.  I know they were trying to make the point to love those people just as Jesus love the lepers, but I kept focusing on the fact that Jesus healed lepers and this person unknowingly suggested that the same could be true of people who are gay.  If we love them enough, Jesus can heal them of their same sex attractions.  I know many GLBT people who would argue that thought.

Here are a few comments that I found interesting:

• Rip, have you ever read Ezekiel?  Ezekiel 16:49–“This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy.”  So here is the Word of God saying that Sodom was destroyed, not because of homosexuality, but because that city was wealthy and refused to care for the poor.  Kinda “rips” apart that whole GOP message now, doesn’t it?

• You must be new here. The Bible also teaches that slaves should obey their masters, and that a woman, if raped, should marry her rapist. I assume you follow that, as well?

• I would argue that statutory rape is still forcible, even if it’s not physically forcible

You have to love Christian people, despite the side they are arguing for.  Both sides seem to equally twist scripture with their own view of morality and come up with a ton of “biblical” positions.

I have pointed out before that many people who want to point away from same sex acts in Sodom fail to read the next verse in Ezekiel.  It is right there, but if they keep reading, their argument is weakened.  People twist the aspects of legislating slavery in the Old Testament and the New Testament telling Christians to submit to the authority of their slave owners as being pro-slavery.  We tend to miss the fact that we, as Christians, are not promised a great life without issues, it is not unchristian to be a slave.  Heck, we are basically slaves to Christ as we were “bought and paid for”, but when we think of slavery, we automatically go to what happened in the U.S. and despite the fact that it did not even closely resemble the legislated view of slavery in the bible, they are the same because they share the word “slavery”.

The comments seemed to go further and further off the topic of gay marriage, because it keeps coming down to issues of “morality” on whose morals were correct.

I had one friend on Facebook who thanked her friends who supported her and her partner by supporting same sex marriage and despite any religious convictions; they let their morals stop at her front door.  That is a good argument and one that I hear a lot.  Let their private life be private.  Of course, she does not support polygamy or a 15 year old sleeping with a 40 year old.  Not everyone can agree on what morals should stop at a person’s front door, but that is one of the big arguments over same sex marriage, is it not?

One writer summed up her position rather well by saying that her generation was tired of culture wars.  That is very telling and it gets to the heart of the matter.  People are tired of having to argue this issue.  It is hard looking at a loved one and saying that you do not agree with same sex marriage when they are gay.  I get that.  You know this person and know they are a good person.  The issue over who they love does not seem to matter and it is hard to argue that point, outside of bringing in a religious aspect to it.

So what if they are gay?  What does it harm and who does it really harm?  That is the logical argument and one that cannot easily be fought.  The people we know who are gay do not resemble the mob of men in Sodom.  I have yet to meet or hear of a gay rape gang in the U.S.  How do we compare our modern society with Sodom then?  We cannot at this point.  The only thing those against same sex marriages can say is that we are not at the same point that Sodom was at.  That one comment on Ezekiel needs to be kept in mind.

‘See here — this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters had majesty, abundance of food, and enjoyed carefree ease, but they did not help the poor and needy. (Eze 16:49)

Is this not what the U.S. is guilty of?  Have we not enjoyed an abundance of food and an easy life?  Food Network had a program where chefs used food that was going to be thrown out to make gourmet meals.  Talk about an abundance of food, but look at the growing distance between the rich and poor in the country.  People are starving and children suffer yet there is no bold move by government to rush to their aid.

They were haughty and practiced abominable deeds before me. Therefore when I saw it I removed them. (Eze 16:50)

Christian’s could argue that we are following the path of Sodom and they simply want to avoid the end result.  Even if they are correct, you cannot really win an argument with that reasoning.  You will always face that what if the end result does not happen issue.

In the end, it comes down to how one defines marriage.  If it is defined simply as one man and one woman or as a union between two people, you still have to come back to where did the number 2 come from?  Don’t even bring religion in to the issue, society as determined that marriage is between two people only.  Why can marriage not be between 3 or more people?  When we limit marriage to a specific group, anyone not in that group is being discriminated against.  Why is it ok to discriminate against a polygamous group but not against two people of the same gender?  Even without basing marriage off what Jesus said, there is discrimination present.  This does not have to be about religion, except people need someone to blame.  In the end, the majority of society is not ready to redefine what marriage means to them.


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3 responses to “Amendment One and the Aftermath

  1. If one actually takes the time to do their biblical homework and drills down a bit deeper, one discovers a good deal more scriptural insight about what God says about the sins of Sodom. Though Ezekiel 16:48-50 provides some critical hints, it is only the tip of the iceberg. God, thorough the prophet Ezekiel, says a great deal more.

    See the post “Genesis 19: What the Bible Really Says Were the Sins of Sodom” to read more about this. Link here:

    Other related posts can be found by clicking the link below and then selecting the “Archives” page. Responsible students of the Bible seek to get past what we think we already know to discover what we’re looking at.

    -Alex Haiken

  2. We have already discussed how I do not agree with your position on this matter, but my point on Ezekiel was more about how people will generally not include verse 50 in their defense of Sodom. Especially considering how Ezekiel used tow`ebah to describe the acts done by Sodom, which just happens to be the same word used in Leviticus 18:22, which is sex between two men.

    I appreciate your comment though Alex

  3. Thanks, I was just trying to raise the point that that people who read Ezekiel 16:48-50 and think they’re getting the rest of the whole story are, in fact, only getting the tip of the iceberg. God explains much more graphic, in-your-face detail precisely what the “to`ebah” was as Ezekiel 16 is examined in its entirety — which is covered in the post I referenced above.

    -Alex Haiken

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