Planned Parenthood: Politics are More Important than Poor Women’s Health?

Just a short little post today, but I wanted to get this thought out.

I find it interesting that Planned Parenthood can afford to spend 1.4 million dollars on political ads, but in February they were complaining about losing out on funding from Susan G Komen since it would deny many women access to health care.

Now if making sure those women, especially poor women, had health care, would it not make more sense to use the 1.4 million dollars on treatment and services for these woman instead of pursuing political goals?  Even half of the money saved would have been more than what Susan G Komen was going to withhold.

There is no real reason for this organization to be lobbying for political support, unless they had something to gain from it.  What does Planned Parenthood have to gain by Obama winning another term as president? How much federal funding do they receive where they can afford to spend this much trying to ensure that they keep the funding?


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4 responses to “Planned Parenthood: Politics are More Important than Poor Women’s Health?

  1. Well, let’s see. Planned Parenthoot has over 800 clinics around the nation, and a budget of at least $1 Billion.

    3% or less is directed to abortions. 35% +/- is contraception related. The remaining 62% is geared towards women health, especially cancer.

    They have received federal funding since 1970 when Nixon signed into law the Family Planning and Population Research Act. In 2010 they received $487 million in federal grants and reimbursements (mind you- much of this is reimbursements from federally provided healthcare for women and families).

    Approximately 15% of their money goes to things such as sex education and public policy work at both the state and federal levels.

    Now- let’s make no mistake. Romney has said he would totally eliminate federal funds for Planned Parenthood. (and of course- he has also indicated plans to steeply cut the social safety net – meaning even more babies, mothers, and families with no social services to help them.

    And of course many states- mostly in the south and midwest have been eliminating funding for planned parenthood- causing many clinics to close and many more to not be able to meet demand. (my wife is a doctor and did a residency at a planned parenthood a number of years ago (during the Bush administration) and I can attest to how little money they have to meet the demand.

    So really- a 1.4 million ad buy is indicative of just how little they can afford on a vitally important matter. Sadly- they MUST play the political game- because under Romney the effect on poorer womens health will be devestating.

    • Of your 35% contraception number, you have to admit that the “Plan B” pill is included in that number and could easily be considered part of the abortion numbers, since it is ending a pregnancy and not preventing one.

      In the 2009-2010 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood spent less money on cancer screenings than they did on political lobbying efforts. It spent more in management expenses that lobbying attempts and sexual education combined though, so I am not claiming that a large amount of the budget went to playing politics.

      In that same year, Planned Parenthood took in over 320 million dollars from non-government services, the majority of which is from abortion services, since they cannot be paid for by government funds. The total spent on medical services that year was $700 million, so roughly 45% of the medical services were most likely abortions.

      I know that Romney and the majority of the republican party want to totally defund planned parenthood as they provide abortions, and many feel that there is no way to ensure that government funds are not used to either pay for an abortion or to use the family planning services to suggest a woman have an abortion, as the recently released video shows some Planned Parenthood personnel suggesting that a female fetuses should be aborted more often than male fetuses.

      States in the south have cut budgets to Planned Parenthood clinics, but there are also many clinics that moved away from Planned Parenthood and kept their state funding, since abortion was no longer an issue.

      I agree that he has made many campaign promises to draw hardcore republicans in for support. Who knows how many of the promises he or any other candidate will keep though. Social services, along with nearly every other government expense will most likely be cut to some degree as there is not enough money to keep funding everything.

      • As to Plan B- it is a large stretch to call it an abortion. It is used within hours or a couple days of sex- and is most commonly used in cases of contraceptive failure, rape- in its many, many, many forms, and yes, occassionaly folowing a bad decision. But research shows in the vast majority of cases it is likely unnecessarry- and ultimately does nothing.

        And please- oresent your references for the claim they spend more on lobbying then cancer screening. In 2009 for example they spent a little over $719K.
        In the same year 16% of their 11.4 million dollar budget for services went to cancer screening and prevention or about 1.8 million- nearly twice the money spent on lobbying.

  2. I always wonder why Planned Parenthood never keeps “rape” numbers. It would be very beneficial for their argument if they could actually quantify that number. The only statics that I have seen on the number of abortions that are done for rape victims was several years ago and the highest percentage was 2% in one state. Every other state reported only 1%.

    For some Christians, we consider life beginning in the womb, so I guess the argument on if it is abortion depends on when you see life beginning. Let’s be honest here and not say occasionally following a bad decision. The internet is full of this next generation talking about how they contract or possibly contracted herpes through bad decisions as well as needing to swing buy and pick up either plan B or even an abortion pill because they don’t like condoms.

    During 2010, Planned Parenthood administered 1,461,816 emergency contraceptive kits to women. Your stance is that the majority of these went to rape victims and broken condoms?

    I like the information on the link, but you should read the annual report that is available at For the 2009 – 2010 fiscal year, public policy expenses totaled 56.2 million dollars. What is the role of public policy?

    Washington, DC — Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) announced today that it has named Dana Singiser its Vice President for Public Policy and Government Relations. She will join PPFA in early December.

    Singiser currently works in the White House as Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs.

    She brings more than 15 years of legislative, policy, and political experience to PPFA, where she will lead the government relations department to advance PPFA’s mission with national and state policymakers.

    Maybe the figures you are quoting are looking at just the national organization and not taking into consideration the whole picture, which includes affiliates. 700 million dollars was spent by the entire organization that fiscal year as well for medical services. Planned Parenthood does not break out the services by cost. Only 14.5% of the total client base in this category went to cancer screenings compared to 3% of the clients seeking abortions. When you take the number of people who received an abortion as the average price of $500 per treatment, we get the rough number of 164.5 million dollars being spent on abortions that year. Just a fun trivia fact for you.

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