Are Christians fighting Jews to be God’s Favorite?

I am always curious as to why so many Christians take offense to Jews.  There are quite a few Christians that I know who do support Israel and the continued promises to the Jew, but I keep finding more and more people who are embracing this replacement type theology and feel like the Jew is no longer special and have been replaced by “Christians”.

Is this all about wanting it to be fair?

What does it matter if God has never lifted his promises to the Jewish people?  It does not deny gentiles a place in the kingdom.  Gentiles are no less saved if God has always remained faithful to the Jews.  Personally, it would worry me more if God failed to keep his promises to them, as there is no assurance He would keep His promises to me.

When you look at these people, it reminds me of the parable of the generous employer in Matthew 20.  The workers who started working in the early part of the day were paid the same as those who started working later in the day.  The workers challenged the employer’s decisions and the fairness of what happened and the response was telling.

Am I not permitted to do what I want with what belongs to me? Or are you envious because I am generous?  (Mat 20:15)

The Christian, regardless of being a Jewish or gentile believer, is saved and that should be their only concern.  The promises that God made to Israel should be welcomed and celebrated by the Christian.  If anything, it helps to testify that God always keeps His promise.  Do not be offended that they are reaping the reward of God being faithful.  What right do you have to judge why God does what he does?

Christians need to understand that life is not fair.  God is not fair.  God does what He wants to do and what He decides is right.  You have no place to judge God, so stop.  Let that bitterness leave you and move forward praying for the Jewish people that they will turn toward the Christ as God remains ever faithful to them.

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