Ok, So Anderson Cooper is Gay

I was shocked yesterday to hear that Anderson Cooper came out as being gay.

I really wasn’t shocked but more of surprised but not that in the fact he was gay.  More that he just now came out.  For some reason, I had thought he came out and was open about it for years now.

I am not sure why the media is making such a big deal about it.  Do they want us to be more surprised than we are that he is gay or is it trying to call awareness that there is another smart and successful man who the community respects is gay?  I wonder if sometimes it is more of a way to help offset some of the negative things that the church and other groups have put out there about gay people. 

I don’t see Cooper being another Larry Brinkin, but another successful member of society.  Maybe one day these types of stories will no longer be news worthy and people can focus more on issues that need attention.


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