Jesus the Moral Teacher?

I am listening to Mere Christianity via audiobook while attempting to solve some crazy financial equations, so it makes it a bit of a challenge to do both at the same time.  To compensate, I keep listening to the same chapter over and over again for it to sink in and the following are some of the ideas that are standing out so far.

Jesus was not a moral teacher and should not been seen as one as he was forgiving sins.  A man can forgive offenses that were committed against one’s self, but cannot forgive someone for the offenses that they committed against anyone else.  This is not the position of Jesus forgave sins based on the idea that he was the one who was offended and this can only happen if Jesus is God. 

 Since Jesus was a Jew, to make the claim that he could forgive sins equated him automatically with God.  To a Jew at that time, God was a being outside of the world so any claim to equate oneself with God would have seen as offensive by the Jewish listeners. 

Jesus made the claim that he was humble and meek, but these are not traits that one could claim if they were merely a mortal man making the same claims that Jesus had made.  If He is not God, then He needs to be seen as a mad man instead of a moral teacher as what He was teaching is lunacy if not coming from the position of supreme authority.

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